Coinbase Between Centralization and Decentralization

Rough responses from the local cryptocurrency zone on "Coinbase" after its creator declared it decentralized

In a post distributed today, the creator and CEO of Coinbase expressed that Coinbase is a decentralized organization and does not have centralized leadership.

There is no central leadership for the "sovereign piece" Does this mean that it is decentralized?

Armstrong explained that half of his representatives have joined the organization for a long time, and that 90% of them have the option to work remotely.

I initially settled in San Francisco, while a large number of representatives of the organization have been working from all over the planet since the beginning of 2020.

Armstrong expressed:

Our arrival helped us paint with the best ability.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect about being a decentralized organization is that it can employ more of the best people.

Coinbase may have landed the largest digital money organization due to its position in customer support, reasonable expenses, and passive approval of guidelines in the USA.

However, recently, many of its clients have been dreading leaving the business during seasons of Bitcoin instability.

The explosion of the monstrous observations came quickly and seriously after Armstrong's interpretation that the Queen Piece was decentralizing.


Decentralized or Not

Clients have absolutely expressed their displeasure that Coinbase should bring it to the table, from customer care to support for power outages that can now be anticipated during the massive developments in the value of the digital currency.

Someone spoke about the Customer Care Department on Twitter:

You do not have customer service (message reordering is not checked normally)

I think you can call that decentralization as well.

Another Coinbase customer said he lost nearly $ 1,000 cashing expenses to just $ 8,000.

Another person checked the comment and terminated the XRP computerized cash exchange saying the organization was still exceptionally integrated in the US.

Coinbase has made some amazing advances since 2012 in the crypto world.

Shockingly, its stature has changed color due to the inadequate degree of customer assistance and the neglect of its most important resource - the customers.

Most of the grumblings were recognized by email and unanswered customer care requests despite the fact that there were several signs of successive interruptions of help, which made one rudely note:

There is no base camp.

No customer help.

There is definitely no help when the market is moving.

Gorgeous, Coinbase.

Another noted that the term “decentralization” has become as elegant as the term blockchain.

At the time of writing this article, around 18 hours after the blog was distributed, there has been too many negative reactions Coinbase has to look out for to address conditions to stay on the cutting edge of opposition, especially given the escalation and strength of rivalry from decentralized phases like Uniswap and Sushiswap. ..


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