Bitkenstan_56 - Don't trust. Verify.

A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.

Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Woman: (crying) Blahhhh! You've got to help me, Mr. Bitken. I found lipstick on my husband's collar. Do you know what it's like to find lipstick on your husband's collar?
Stanley: (looking on, confused and dumbstruck)
Woman: I know. Right? I asked him about it...He said he was at my sister's place! My sister! Relationships are built on trust. Trust! Mr. Bitken!
Stanley: (Hilda looking on, Stanley looking confused and dumbstruck)
Woman: I don't know if I can trust. I need to verify. Don't trust. Verify.
Stanley: (looking on, confused and dumbstruck)
Woman: I'll do that right now. (taps on phone)
Stanley: (looking on, confused and dumbstruck)
Woman: Oh my word! It's true! My 4 year old niece had a dress-up party! My husband gave her a hug and...Boom! Lipstick on the collar! She even sent a pic. See. (shows pic of small girl hugging her husband). Oh you've helped me so much, Mr. Bitken. You saved my marriage.
Stanley: (looking on, confused and dumbstruck)
Woman: (smiling) You're a fabulous consultant. A great listener. And amazing at repairing relationships. (Hilda looks on foot-tapping, unimpressed)
Stanley: (looking on, confused)


Originally posted July 26, 2018 at

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