Bitkenstan_55 - Bright red.

A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.

Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Stanley: Which social media did you advertise on?
Hilda: All of them.
Stanley: How long do you think 'til we get a client?
Hilda: Hard to say.
Stanley: Might be a while.
Hilda: Yep.
Woman: Hi. Y'all do consulting?
Hilda: You bet we do! Best in the town. What can we help you with?
Woman: It's not a business thing though. It's a personal matter.
Hilda: I see. Tell me more.
Woman: I found red lipstick on my husband's collar. Bright red. Not my shade. Can y'all help with that kind of thing?
Hilda: Funny you ask that. Mr. Bitken over there specializes in relationships. Lots of experience in this area. I'm sure his advice will be very enlightening.
Woman: Wonderful! Is now a good time?
Hilda: Perfect time. We'll grab a coffee, then sit down to hear Mr. Bitken's advice! Gonna be great!
Stanley: (gulps)

Creator: Uh oh.

Originally posted July 25, 2018 at

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