Finally earned the MINNOW Badge!

Back in 2018 when i joined hive(then steemit) , i didn't know anything about how this ecosystem works. One of my friend invited me to join hive. At that time i literally started begging for votes to others comment sections. Until i realised there is much more to explore here. At that time, i didn't knew about crypto and all other related stuff. I just knew i will get paid for a good quality content that i publish. After a month or two i left which i still regret.

Time went by and after almost two years, i joined hive, after a month from the time of the hardfork. At that time i came to know about community discord servers where you can talk to all the community fellows. I was still unaware of the crypto thing. I met many people's in discord server and started know more about hive, themselves and all other activities that can be done. But again after 5 months i left. I wanted to withdraw hive but then my discord fellow suggested me not to withdraw as it was about .15 per hive back then. Then i got busy with my work.

It was this bull run that got me into crypto. Still didn't knew that hive is a token itself. My friend helped me to cashout hive through binance. After researching a bit i bacome familiar with all the crypto things. I'm just a noob for now and what i learned is the basic.

Its been more than about a month I'm back on hive and this time I'm sure will not leaving anytime soon. Also know i have a basic ideas about crypto and started reading articles on leofinance and started exploring other communities as well.


Yesterday, @hivebuzz mentioned me stating I've earned a minnow bagde. It's not as huge achievement as compared to you guys but still a start than pause. I'm very happy about it

Hive is indeed a best platform to spend time, understand and get news about anything, see photographs from different photographer, artwork and what not. I'll personally consider using hive over other social media platforms. Well I'm getting used to it.





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