Connecting with my inner self has never been easy for me and I guess that's because I don't give myself the time that I need to do so. Lately the only time I get to connect with myself is when I listen to music and also when I'm writing because these two things demand me to look inwards. With the way everything are going in our world today, one will think they are not being too useful because no matter what you do most of the time it's just hard to see a good result.


I have come to realize that I don't even know what I do find fun doing anymore. Well I guess that's because I seem to be having fun with everything I do. I wake up everyday with a grateful heart and the next thing I want to do is connect with others and I end up neglecting myself but then I still get to connect with myself daily whenever I try to create my content for that day.

For the few times I've gotten lately to connect with myself, I've realized that my interactions with people keeps getting better because I always find a way to be the best I can to myself first and those who care about me. Now it's hard to find people who truly want to stand by you but then that doesn't mean there aren't people who are willing to be there for you. The problem is it's hard for us to trust them because of our past experiences and also what others have to say.

The Bible teaches me something that I always try my best to abide by and that is, "treating others the way I want to be treated". Most times we forget that the way we treat people might also be the same way people will treat us too and we end up not regarding some people maybe because of their statuses, the way they look, they way they do things and more. Judging a book by it's cover might be the most scariest thing to do because most times we always end up judging wrongly.

Well, there are some times when you can judge a book by it's cover and it will help you know what truly is in that book but most times it's just too risky to do that. We should all learn how to open the pages of a book before trying to guess which kind of book it is. Or we can at least ask the one in possession of that book what's inside but then it's always safer to look into the book yourself.


For the past few weeks that I've been trying hard to interact more with people I've come to realize some few things about myself but then I still won't be surprised if someone saw me differently because it's possible that I'm just not telling myself the complete Truth all the time but then I do know to a great extent that a lot has improved about me and I'm totally falling in love with the lady I'm becoming.

Of course there is more that can still be done and I'm not going to shy away from anything that will bring out the best in me. But in all of these, knowing God more matters most to me because compare to anyone that I can think of, he knows me better and he understands me better too. He knows when I'm wrong and he never overlooks my wrong instead he tells me I'm wrong and he teaches me a better way to do things.


Sometimes due to personal attachments we have with people, we find it hard to tell them they are wrong when they are because we are scared of being in their bad book. Everyday I pray and keep praying that God brings more people my way that won't be judgemental but then would always tell me when I'm wrong. Of course it's not going to be sweet hearing what you did wrong from someone who loves you but I think it's way better than hearing it from your so called enemies.

Well, that's all for today on my self reflection and I do hope that I someone could learn a thing or more from this.

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