How to Use your Ecency POINTS

Ecency very generously supports its community with Ecency POINTS for activities. There are multiple ways that you can use the POINTS that you earn.

Earning Points

✴️Publishing posts (15 points)

✴️Commenting (5 points)

✴️Voting (0.3 points)

✴️Being online (0.25 points for every 15 minutes and + 10 bonus points per day)

✴️Sharing posts (1 point)

✴️Checking in (0.25 points)

✴️ Logging in to Ecency (10 points)

✴️Sharing a post on Twitter/Facebook or other social media earns (10 POINTS) for the author of the post that you have shared.

Delegation POINTS

✴️ Along with your portion of Ecency curation rewards, your delegation earns 10% in POINTS. Each 100 HP delegation to @ecency earns (10 points) daily. 1000 HP =100 POINTS daily etc.

Community POINTS

✴️When your community has 100 members you can register to be supported by Ecency by logging into Ecency with your HIVE-XXXXX account and clicking the 'Register' button. You will receive points for each Ecency post published in your community . ( 20 points for each post). Communities can use the POINTS they earn as contest prizes or to boost members posts.

✴️You can earn POINTS by entering contests that award POINTS as prizes. Ecency Discord
has a channel where contests are listed that have POINTS prizes.

You may use the POINTS that you have earned in several different ways.

The 3dot menu at the top of any post allows you to easily promote and boost the post.

➡️PROMOTE --places your post into a queue that rotates through the feed as a sponsored post and gives it the possibility of being seen by more people. It is a opportunity to promote your very best work.

➡️BOOST- places your post into a queue where it has the chance of receiving a vote from Ecency. Volunteer curators review the requests. Each month 2 guest curators join the team and have an opportunity to participate and learn how the curation process works. Because Ecency is decentralized there is no single person making decisions about what gets boosted. Each curator has their own criteria for awarding boosts. While one curator may only boost posts published using Ecency, another may only boost posts with over 200 words. There are no hard set rules about which posts get boosted. Maximum POINT boosts are often reserved for the most excellent posts. When Ecency VP is low mostly minimum boost requests may be selected. If no curator selects or reviews content within 24 hours from the boost time or there is more content boosted by the community than curators can review, a refund may be issued automatically by the system.
If your post does not receive a boost vote from a curator your POINTS will be refunded.

➡️BOOSTING A FRIEND'S POST- You may not have enough VP to give out a whale sized vote on a post, but you can request a vote from Ecency on a post you want to reward! Always remember that it is best to boost posts that are less than 24 hours old. Boosting is a curation project and 100% of the curation rewards that are earned are paid to delegators.

➡️GIFT/TIP - You can use your POINTS to give awards to friends by choosing 'gift' in your POINTS wallet or clicking the gift icon under a post. This is a useful means of awarding posts you enjoy when your Hive VP is low. Gifts can be used to award older posts that have passed their 7 day payout date.

➡️DONATING - POINTS can be transfered from your POINTS wallet to contests to use as prizes. You can donate to communities so that they can request boosts for deserving posts.

Come join the new Ecency Help Community. Posts explaining your favorite Ecency features and helpful guides and tutorials are appreciated there. This community is the first step in a new feature that is being developed on Ecency. There is an information-tutorials channel in the Ecency Discord server. The Ecency Help Community gathers these helpful guides on the blockchain where they are safe and searchable.

If you are posting into the Ecency Help community it is recommended that you use the appropriate tags #ecencytutorial #ecencyguide or #newbee and any tags that apply to the subject of your content. Use the appropriate tag, en, es, ru, de, etc to distinguish the language you have written in. Ecency allows you to use 10 tags and tags will be important for searching when using the new tool that is being developed.

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