Easy way to use ecency decks on mobile

Hello everyone!!!

Who else agree that ecency is their favorite frontend of Hive???

Ecency is my favorite frontend on Hive and i used only ecency to post, comment, upvote content. I used dbuzz and leo thread's sometimes for micro blogging but now ecency solved our this problem too and we can used ecency too for publish short post.

Ecency introduce deck's

You may be thinking that we can post short content through deck's but it's not true, deck's has s full setup of ecency or hive. You can do everything on decks, it's a folder system on ecency for many things.

Mostly people use hive or ecency on laptop but i used it on mobile because of many reasons. So, I'll tell you about ecency decks setup on mobile.

  • Deck's are not on ecency application but we can used on chrome or any other browser.

see on top that now we've another option of deck's

when we click on decks this frontend will open and it's the new feature of ecency

search for your profile from decks

you can see an arrow there, click this arrow

after clicking this arrow, a wide page open and you can click on profile image icon to find several options, i choose to go on my profile and than come back to ecency


We can easily see our wallet through using deck's too and it'll show similar like that on chrome and everything is looking in good way.

you can see that option and it's for wallet

see the wallet from decks and come back to deck's again


Now you can convert hive into HBD and HBD into Hive too in more easiest way just like it's looks like on Hive Blockchain key.

you can find options from there

see the market and convert HBD into hive for free fee

Read notification

You can also read notification from deck's by using browser , before deck's i can't read notification from browser but now i can read them on browser too.

Change the theme

If you love to use dark theme than you can also change the theme from that option by using decks. I'm okay with white theme but mostly people love to use dark theme so it's the good option for them.

Now, let's talk about folders on ecency

Deck's are actually made to use the ecency in most easiest way, you can open more folders in one screen and these are arranged in column. It's the most important feature of deck's. You can create decks which you want, i created a deck's for ecency waves and leo thread's wave's.

see the different folders in one screen

That's most interesting part that you can see many options to explore, to see someone wallet, to follow notification, to search for someone you can use it

I've three columns in my folder, ecency, ecency waves and leo thread's

Use decks for micro blogging

Some of us love to create short post and they used d.buzz frontend to create short content, i also use dbuzz for micro blogging but now we can create short post from ecency too and we can create post in leo thread, dbuzz or in ecency while using decks. You can change the site where you want to publish your content.

Final word's

In my opinion, ecency doing great for it's user's and make it more easy to use with different new feature. The one thing which is thank i love to use ecency application while deck's are only on browser but hopefully deck's will also on application soon and than i don't have to jump from application to browser.

  • That's all for today and this article is my entry to @Melinda010100 contest for showing deck's in easy way. If you're interested in this contest than you can see details from here.

All the images and giffs are using in this article are some screenshots and screen recorders from my phone.

Thanks to @Good-karma and @ecency team for introducing deck's ❣️

Thank you for your time and support 💫🤍

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2 columns
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