Ecency-Dreemport Collabo- Get to know me.

I'm not a newbie on ecency but I certainly am yet to let the people of ecency community know who @zyzymena is. When I think of the word ecency, what comes to my mind is "decency", a community with an organised pattern of doing things and they sure are. Unlike other front-end, ecency gives you value for your time spent on the app. You can earn points by performing normal activities like liking a post, dropping a comment, reblogging, joining a community etc.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Zyzymena. The name is coined out from my native name "Orezimena" which means "This is my heart desire. The name initially was "Zizymena but after I had an issue with my steemit account, I started another from scratch and wanted some similarities and a friend suggested 'Zyzymena'. A lot of people still get confused on which to tag πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ because both accounts exists. I'm sorry if you are one of those I've confused with my confusion. I hope you understood that.

I'm from Delta State, a riverine state in the Southern part of Nigeria. I can't swim though, I fear water. I'm a graduate of biochemistry and Guardian and Counselling, the latter borne out of passion. I realised people feel comfortable talking to me about their relationships and they follow my counsel, so I decided to get a degree in it and hopefully to pursue it to a higher level. The title Dr. will have a nice ring to my name, wouldn't it?😜

I'm supposed to talk about three fun things about me but in all honesty I doubt if I have any fun things about me. If this is an interview, I'm definitely failing face flat. Well, give me a moment to rack my brain, that's how boring I am. I need to think before I can come up with fun things about me. My life revolves around pressing my phone all day. You can't blame me, apart from it being a secondary source of income, I love to stay updated with happenings around me.

Since I can't come up with any fun things, I'd tell you a story that makes me feel embarrassed each time I remember it. I don't like to hitchhike. This is because I had a very terrible experience once. Unless you stop and actually wine down the glass and beckon on me with me pointing to myself to be sure and you nodding your head severally like a lizard, I'm never coming into your vehicle.

I'm a church girl even though I don't appear so with my write ups especially when I do erotics but that's a story for another day. I travelled for a church programme and I lodged with a friend that stays in the same town. Her place was quite far from the venue of the program but I preferred that to staying in the hostel provided with girls that would talk all night and deny me some beauty sleep.

The next morning I got all dressed and headed out to the road. I stood for about thirty minutes in my heels, under the sun with my makeup melting because there were no taxis in sight. I was worried and desperate. Luckily for me, a black highlander stopped Infront of me. I don't know the product since I don't know much about cars but it was a beautiful car. The driver wined down the window and moved his finger in a way that said, "come in". I thanked the heavens for this opportunity and without any hesitation, pulled the door open and hopped in. I strapped myself to the chair with the seatbelt. With the wildest and certainly the most beautiful smile ever, I turned to say thank you but met a stern look.

"Young lady, what are you doing in my car?" He asked.

I had no answer. I tried to speak but nothing came out, no words, nada. What should I say?

"This is my house", he said pointing to the next building. I only stopped to get the vulcaniser to pump my tires. Please come down".

At least he said please. Nobody saw what happened but it felt like an antenna that broadcasted it to every part of the world was placed in that vehicle at that time. Anyways I got down and trekked the trekking of my life. Anything to be away from that environment.

Don't forget, this is week 1 of Ecency Dreemport Challenge. I have been using ecency for quite a while now and I discovered it through @campusgistars. Since then, I've become faithful and using another front-end feels like cheating. Below are my ecency points at the start of the challenge, let's see how well I do before it ends.

It's not too late to join. You can read more about it here. Break a leg😜

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