How was little Esie like when he was young?

How was little Easy when he was young? Actually, in my opinion, the same character when we were young remains with us after time. Someone is whimsical from birth, cries a lot, and does not change in size, but because of this whims, everything he does is clean and beautiful. From the moment someone is born, parents are easy with him. Later, it will always be easy for those around him to live with him. Little Esie was one of those children. Esie was an orderly, very kind whale. Always sees beauty in everything. He always treated respectively every fish even smaller than others. People around him may not even remember that he got angry. He was like his father in that he did not get angry at everything, did not expect anything from those around him, and completed his work no matter what he did. He didn't look for flaws around him, on the contrary, he tried to understand why he knew that he could fix the flaws.
There will always be people like us around us do you believe it? I believe. Eventually, Esie was surrounded by wonderful whales like him, and they became a big wonderful community.
Ever since I first came to Ecency until now, I have always witnessed the sincerity and genuineness of this community. I would tell every user on Ecency that you are a great person, because as I said above if someone is a great person, there will be only great people around him. Ecency is full of such people!

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