Love, Light, And Life - My Entry For The Second Annual Ecency Art Contest

This is my entry for the Second Annual Ecency Art Contest

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I first created the fractals, then I blended and edited them in Gimp, adding the Ecency logo.

These were the results:

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Next, I uploaded them to Canva Pro.

In Canva, I resized them, and added animation.

Why I chose this design:

Ecency is a project with a living, beating heart. One which pulses with life, color, light, and joy!

I tried to capture all of that in one piece, and the result was the gif that you are looking at.

When I first started using Ecency, it was because I was impressed with the way Melinda and Good-Karma and the rest of the community conduct themselves.

I first met Melinda when she offered me the opportunity to continue a contest called Let Our Picture Tell Your Story, which she sponsors. A mutual friend had started it, but was unable to proceed for personal reasons.

I am still running Let Our Picture Tell Your Story, and will be announcing the winners of the thirtieth edition tomorrow! You just might be able to squeeze in an entry before I do!

After that, I became curious about Ecency, and began learning how to use it to grow my account. Discovering the power of the boost was a big milestone for me. As was the daily and weekly leaderboard which helps me to keep better track of my engagement.

If you are looking for a place to learn more about Hive, Ecency is a good place for that also. Everyone is friendly and helpful to new Bees! So please do have a look around, and join the Discord server too!

All images may be used in any way to help Ecency, please do add to Assets!


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