Surfing the Waves: Exploring Ecency's LeaderBoard and Future Innovations.

Hello my Ecency family! How are you all doing in the Waves.

Sharing my favorite and most used Ecency feature isn't just about contests or upvotes; it's a genuine expression of how Ecency has profoundly shaped my Hive experience. The Ecency app has become my go-to for everything Hive, and as I've shared in previous entries, each feature holds a special place in my heart, from Ecency Waves to the secure transaction environment.

Image was sourced from -ecency-assets from the discord page and credit goes to @brittandjosie

Today, l want us to dive into a feature that has become a game-changer for me – the LeaderBoard on Ecency. Introduced to this feature just last week Thursday night, it has ignited a new level of engagement and friendly competition in my Hive journey.

As a person, I thrive on competition, and seeing myself on the leaderboard triggered a desire to climb higher. Well, I stumbled upon this gem thanks to my Hive mentor, @melinda010100. She encouraged me to engage more and pointed out the LeaderBoard next to the notification menu. Little did I know, this feature tracks your engagement based on activities like commenting, upvoting, and publishing – essentially everything Hive. From there, you can also see the number of activities performed by others using the ecency app. It's a brilliant addition by the development team, fueling engagement that is vital for the thriving Hive ecosystem.

What makes it even more interesting is that Ecency rewards users with Ecency Points for various types of engagement. In just four days, I earned over 400 Ecency Points, which can be used to boost and promote your quality content. The excitement doesn't end there; Ecency hosts a weekly contest where the top 10 most engaged Ecencials can win prizes. I'm super proud to share that I secured the 5th position last week, starting my engagement journey on Friday and swiftly climbing the ranks in just 4 days. Come on, Go ahead, you can congratulate me! 👀

But beyond the thrill of winning, the LeaderBoard feature is a gateway to making new friends. The Ecency community, especially those using the Waves feature, feels like a family. Engagement which leads to meaningful conversations, forming connections that go beyond the leaderboard. It's not just about the hustle; it's about enjoying the ride, having fun with others, and realizing you've climbed the leaderboard almost by accident.So, here's the deal: your engagement not only helps Hive thrive and fosters a sense of community, but it's also a win-win-win situation. You earn Ecency Points to boost and promote your quality content, all while having a great time making friends from all over Hive and the vibrant city of Ecency. It's a triple win! 🌟.

So, why wait? Join in, let's get the party rolling, and experience the joy of engaging, winning, and building lasting connections in the incredible Ecency community. Trust me, you'll have a blast!

Empowering Tomorrow: The Crucial Role of Your Vote in Ecency's Proposal #283

Dear Hive Family,

I'm once again excited to express my thoughts about Ecency's Proposal #283, showcasing how the platform has grown in the seven years it's been on the Hive blockchain.

The Progress:

  • Notifications: this feature is what got me in the ecency app in the first place. I strongly believe that the essence of any social platform is staying connected. Ecency's effort to improve notifications guarantees you stay updated, and features like favorites and bookmarks personalize your experience, making it more tailored to you.

  • Wallet Innovation: The Ecency wallet isn't just easy to use; it's packed with useful features. It allows you to smoothly swap HIVE and HBD, manage tokens more efficiently, and every update aims to make your financial experience better. Displaying user profiles which I spoke about yesterday, during transactions is a thoughtful touch, adding an extra layer of security to avoid expensive errors. Well, Blockchain transaction are irreversible, so this feature becomes very much useful.

  • Waves: Waves - where I currently live. This feature brings a new rhythm to short-form content creation, making engagement more vibrant and entertaining. It's a space where every interaction counts, fostering a sense of community and connection. This is where I have made my new awesome friends.

A Glimpse into the Beyond:

As Ecency plans for the future, there are exciting things to look forward to.:

  • Ecency Lite: the brilliant developers are currently working on a simpler version of the mobile app to make it more user-friendly for everyone.

  • Reals/Shorts: Teaming up with 3Speak, Ecency is bringing short videos and dedicated feeds, opening up new avenues for creative content.

  • Ecency Chat: Coming soon, Ecency Chat will be a central space for meaningful and private conversations, enriching your social experience.

Your Vote, Your Impact:

Ecency's success depends on your support. When you back Proposal #283, it's not just a vote; it's a vote for innovation, community, and a better future on the Hive blockchain.

Every Hivian's vote matters. Together, our voices express the wish for progress, and your involvement directs the path of Ecency's growth. Come join me in voting for Proposal #283, and together, let's open the next chapter of Ecency's journey.

Vote for Proposal #283 using Hivesigner

Ecency: Explore the Proposal and Vote

Let's build the future of Ecency—stronger, more vibrant, and united.

With gratitude,
Willy, a proud Ecencial.

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