Riding the Waves of Ecency: A Newbie's Journey and Proposal Appreciation.

Hello Family, I'm thrilled to be part of the Ecency community and proud to be called an Ecencial. Among the many awesome features ecency offers that keep me hooked, from Ecency Points to the notification system, one stands out as my absolute favorite—Waves 🌊.

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Just two days ago, @melinda010100 introduced me to Waves, and it completely transformed my microblogging experience. The bait that initially drew me in was the enticing Ecency Points, which, alongside the efficient notification system, effectively promotes my content and helps me stay notified.

Waves has become the heartbeat of my interaction on the Hive blockchain. In a dynamic ecosystem where engagement is key, Waves makes it incredibly easy for me to connect with others. As someone who can get bored reading lengthy articles, Waves has been a game-changer. In just two days, @hivebuzz notified me of over 400 comments and more than 600 replies—interaction levels I never achieved in two months.

These interactions led to five new followers, or let me say friends whom I followed back, forming a community of individuals with whom I now regularly engage. We interacte on each other's contents and sometimes reblog them. I've come to realize the wisdom in Melinda's(my hive mentor) advice to me: success on Hive is rooted in meaningful interactions.

Again, waves provides a platform for free expression and fosters a sense of family, where sharing personal experiences receives emotional support and advice. And hey, the icing on the cake? You earn Ecency Points for being an active participant.

This is just one of the many awesome features I've recently fallen in love with. Tomorrow, I will be sharing with you another cool one. Join me in exploring and sharing your experiences with #ecencychallenge.

What I think about the Ecency Proposal:

As someone who joined in about a month ago, I believe that Ecency's Proposal #283 reflects the incredible strides the platform has made in 2023, celebrating 7 years on the Hive blockchain. The gratitude expressed to the community and stakeholders resonates with the collaborative spirit that has fueled Ecency's growth.

Key Developments:


Aah!!! my favorite. The emphasis on enhancing the notification system is very commendable. The introduction of favorites and bookmarks adds versatility, making it easier for users to stay informed and engaged.


The continual focus on user-friendliness in the Ecency wallet, with features like Swap HIVE/HBD and improved token management, ensures a seamless experience for users managing their assets. Also, the display of users profile when making a transaction is super helpful in ensuring you don't make a mistake in transacting with the wrong account, since Blockchain transactions are irreversible. With that I really commend.👏

Premium Accounts

The introduction of Premium accounts streamlines the registration process and offers advantages, providing newcomers with a swift entry into the Ecency ecosystem.


Yep, what I spoke about. The introduction of "Waves" has brought a fresh dynamic to short-form content creation, fostering engagement and entertainment within the platform.

Community Engagement

The revamping of Decks and the commitment to fostering interaction through initiatives like "Onboard a friend" exemplify Ecency's dedication to community building.

3Speak Video

The integration of video features, with the ability to upload and record videos, showcases Ecency's adaptability to evolving user needs. Very commendable 👏.

Maintained Services:

Ecency continues to maintain and develop essential services, including the website, mobile apps, search engine, OAuth2 standard for Hive, block explorer, and more. The commitment to open-source projects is evident in the comprehensive list of services.

Future Plans:

Ecency's future plans, including the development of Ecency lite, addition of shorts/reels videos, and the development of Ecency chat, highlight the platform's commitment to innovation.


As a proud Ecencial, I support the proposal, recognizing the value Ecency brings to the Hive community. The dedication to user experience, continuous improvement, and innovative features positions Ecency as a cornerstone in the Hive ecosystem.

So my dear hivians, especially to my fellow newbies, what are you waiting for? Join in and let's ride on the wave🌊. I really believe in the future of ecency and what they represent in the entire Hive Ecosystem.

Check out the proposal below and consider voting 👇


Vote for this Proposal using Hivesigner

Ecency: https://ecency.com/proposals/283

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