Why I am WhyWhy

As I am joining THE ECENCY DREEMPORT CHALLENGE! I was asked to tell a bit about me.

Well, that coincides very well with the post I am still owing a lot of people. So Why not combine the two, right?

Regarding the Dreemport Challenge, I will come back to you as I have no clue what I am doing, I just follow orders! And one of those orders is to write this post and add a screenshot for your Ecency points on Monday morning.

That´s what they looked like before I promoted my latest Personal Story with A Soundtrack.

Music was My First Love

Boy do I love writing those guys, it´s like writing and creating the soundtrack to your life. Back in the day, I was a semi-popular DJ with a very eclectic taste. Now I am no longer frequently on stage, but still, enjoy sharing great music I have two series where I am able to do that.
I write those personal stories and I also have written 79 Midnight Gems Sessions so far. These are collections of musical gems that might have been forgotten or never even surfaced but do have that je ne sais quoi thingy that makes them gems in my book. If you are curious, here´s an example.

Don´t get me wrong, I was a writer (sort of) first, a DJ second and now I am putting them both in a mix.

The writer in Me

That writer has always been there, although as a child it was quite hard as I am a bit dyslectic. But with modern science helping me see the spelling errors, and a bit of extra effort I am not doing that bad anymore.

Next to music and personal stories, I write about crypto. Nothing too complicated, just a bit of crypto Infotainment...or at least that is the aim. I did write fiction in the past, so who knows what will flow out of my virtual pen in the future.

And now for the Grand Finale

Why? Why the whatever did you call yourself WhyWhy?
That is not even a very long story. So let me try to make it longer.

When I started with crypto in late 2020, I was already blogging. In Dutch mainly, but as I work in an international job, my English should be good enough to give blogging in my second language a try. So I stepped into the crypto-verse and joined HIVE, and that lead to writing about crypto first. As I was such a baby in both universes I was like a little kid asking Why, Why, Why all the time. And as nobody was answering I needed to figure it all out with the help of that one loyal friend Mr. G.

So the username WhyWhy was born. Now the Crux to the story is that my first series was called BitcoinBaby. Where I talked about my first steps in the cryptoverse.

Now as that caught on a bit, I changed or used that name diving deeper into crypto content creation. So I am BitcoinBaby on all other platforms, except for HIVE where I started as WhyWhy and I have not been able to change that.

I tried changing it during my puberty, but I could not. Since then I had so many positive comments on that username no I do not even want to change it...even if I could...so there you have it...that´s WhyWhy.

The Belmonts - Tell Me Why


Thanks for the read, have a lovely rest of your day, and hope to see you soon.

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