What do I see happening for Hive in 2023?

Yesterday on Twitter the Hiveblocks account tweeted out a question. I wanted to reply to it but it will take way more than the allocated characters allowed on Twitter. So why not turn it into an answer here on our outstanding Web3 platform and link to it over there? I mean that is what we are trying to do on Twitter right? Drive traffic to our places here on Hive. So here we go.


I see a some of the older dapps solidifying in their development. Places like @aureal.one and @superhive will become major players in the direct Hive ecosystem. But the real excitement is going to come from outside the base level main ecosystem. Where other projects will be connecting into the Hive blockchain. Apps such as HiveTube and Cast Garden for audio/video content distribution including live streaming is going to be HUGE! Things like PalmPay which is the first mobile wallet I've found that includes Hive/HBD. I would love to go swing into my gas station and pay for a drink with Hive from my phone. My mind is utterly blown!

Yes, the real ground breaking achievements will be made outside the Hive ecosystem but will bring a massive influx of people into the ecosystem. Nearly from day one of my being on Hive I've done my best to get people to push the individual dapps and not the blockchain. Get away from talking about the "monetary" aspects. The cryptocurrency and "how it works" aspects of the Hive ecosystem. People in general will never understand it and neither do they care. All they want is something that is easy and free to use. Outside the Hive ecosystem other projects will begin to see Hive as a protocol or base layer to work that can be added to what they have already built. Which is why I'm excited about HiveTube. It is literally pulling Hive and the Fediverse together. 2 completely different decentralized social media platforms are now able to coexist and interact. Thats just mind blowing to me. That is exactly what #Web3 is all about. Interconnecting platforms with one identity for the user.

Social media is dead

I dont mean that in the way you think. I mean that as social media is the main reason the vast majority of people use the internet for play. Of course it is used mostly for work and lot of people use it in thier day to day aspects of their day jobs. But outside of the workplace people use social media for entertainment.

I've had several arguments over the years with people about YouTube. People seem to view YouTube as a "video hosting platform". It is not. It is an advertising platform disguised as a social media platform. If it was simply a video hosting platform it would charge the creators and have a ton of features for those creators. But it's not. It has very specific terms and guides for the creators to create advertiser friendly content for them. The social media part then vacuums up the data from all of the users so they can create specific and targeted ads to run for their real customers. Advertisers. It's literally the same model that every other social media platform uses.

This is what I mean when I say "Social media is dead". That model is dead and over. People are waking up, slowly. For a very long time I've seen and read about all these dapps that are an "alternative to Twitter". Why? Because they want to replicate the success of them both in acceptance and profitability. But while what has been built as the ground work for #Web3 is astonishing people are starting to take a step back and see that there is literally no need to reinvent the wheel. Web2 didnt. They just built on top of and intertwined what was already there. So why cant #Web3 do the same?

Some examples:

  • Aureal has already partially announced a partnership with Unstoppable domains @cryptocracy1 and I covered that here
  • HiveTube (already linked earlier) is a plugin that intergrates Hive into the fediverse though the use of PeerTube. A video hosting platform that uses activitypub protocol. There is also another podcast hosting platform that uses activitypub called Castopod that could possibly make great use of HiveTube as well. If they only knew about it.
  • Brave search. In my opinion is an outstanding search engine and a great alternative to Google. No you do not have to use the Brave browser to use it either. I was using it on Firefox without an issue. But my point is why cant Hive be integrated into it?
  • Podping & V4V. We all know what it is and what it can do. So why couldnt it be intergrated into more podcasting apps? It could be it's own protocol to integrate the Hive ecosystem.

So what do I see for Hive in 2023?

My point is simple. We have what we need to make Hive the backbone of Web3. Stop trying to make something new. Start marrying all the these protocols & blockchains and integrating them into already existing popular projects. Stop the pumping and dumping, stop trying to build the hype of "my crypto currency is better than your crypto". "My project can beat your project" little playground bullying. Thats not what Web3 is about. Web3 is about everybody working together to make things better. No one project/blockchain/protocol will ever be the one fits all solution. They will all have to work together to make Web3 work.

In 2023 I see Hive leading the way once again. Being the example of what real #Web3 is. I see it integrating with other blockchains and protocols. Being implemented in projects through ways that were once thought to be impossible. I see not only being the premier method but the preferred method of decentralized verification and trust for #Web3 technology. Thats what I see for Hive in 2023.

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