OMG! I cant do this! Dreemport Ecency Wk3 Day 1

I mean, seriously. This is not in my dna.

Anybody can tell that. Just look at my name. There is a reason why my friends and family call me bonehead. LOL!
But some of you are reading this and wondering what I'm complaining about. Well, here goes the cliff notes version.

This post is a part of the Dreemport Ecency challenge. A 3 week challenge that has empowered and invigorated many people across Hive. The first week was pretty easy. Meet your partner, get to know them, boost a new user, use Ecency, yada yada, yada.

The second week was kicked up a notch and partners were paired into teams. That we had to coordinate with to boost new users, a community, The second week was actually easier than the first. We could do it all in the background until Friday. Sweet, right? Easy peasy as they say. Sprinkle some love here, a little there. Call it a week. I loved it.

Btw, I dont think any of my team mates ever mentioned this. But we did come up with a name. We were calling ourselves "The Generous Four". We never made any fancy banners or anything. And I'm going to speak for my fellow team mates, @blackdaisyft @hopestylist and @intishar, but we didnt pursue the flashy, look at us banners. Because it wasnt about us. It was about others.

But then they announced this weeks goals. And I nearly dropped the coffee cup right out of my hand. They brought in @snook's post and the #unlazycontest. Which is all about being positive about


What? Are you nuts? I cant talk positively about myself. I'm the guy that will literally set a soldering iron down and touch it to see if it's still hot! But I'm going to button up and do my best to attempt to answer these without speaking negative about my self. It's only 4 questions. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Photo by Binti Malu

Where are you the happiest?

Everywhere I am.

No seriously. I am literally happiest at any given moment. At any time. Because I am happy with who I am. I am me. I don't try to emulate anybody else. I personally believe that I am a good person with a good heart and brain that can make my own decisions. I believe or have faith in other people. That they want to do the right things in situations. I also dont deny that evil exists. I believe that it is up to us as individuals to join together to stomp out that evil when it pops up. Because love will always triumph over evil and everybody is worthy of redemption.

What positive traits can you bring to a team?

I think I kind of already explained that I am positive. Despite my many own attempts at self deprecating humor. Being that I am always happy I'm the guy that always wants to make people laugh and have fun doing what ever task a team is doing at the time. I guess you could say I'm big on morale. The never ending cheerleader.
I also like to have a plan of action. Without a plan or set of goals to attain. There is no reward for the team. That plan also has to include input and an activity for everyone on the team. There are no free riders and everybody must pull their own weight. Including the leader. Leaders can not lead from behind the front line. They must be right there on the front. Rallying and leading the charge. At all times. The team looks up to the leader because they inspire the others.

What is something positive about you that some might see as a negative?

My temper has a very short memory. Lets face it. Everybody has a boiling point. You will eventually get mad at something or somebody. I tend to get upset and throw a little temper tantrum in my head, throw some four letter words around for about 10-15 minutes. But then I'm done. I can only guess I get that from my dad or if it was something I picked up from driving truck so long. Get mad cause some 4 wheeler cut me off and I nearly rear end them. But literally 100 feet down the road I'm back to singing the song on the radio at the top of my lungs.

And finally

What has been/is your favorite positive surprise about Hive?

This answer is so easy and gonna sound so cheesy.
It's the users.
When I first joined I sat back and lurked for a little over a month. Just scrolled and read. Watched some vids and listened to some audio. I thought this is pretty cool. A lot of content about crypto. But I dont discuss crypto so nobody would want to strike up a conversation with me. I finally said screw it. I'm here might as well post my non crypto stuff. Then I found out other people was posting about so many other topics. I've struck up many friendships over the last 2 years. Real friendships that have meaning. People I have never met in real life. I only know them from the profile pic and talking with them both on chain and off chain.
I discovered that there is real meaning to the phrase "I came for the Freedom. I stay for the people." Thats not just tagline for a promo. It's an actual real statement of what Hive means to me.
It's social media as it's meant to be.

I had to remove the #leadingwithgenerosity from this post. Because in my eagerness to get it posted (and my boneheadedness) I forgot to set the beneficiary. So that will be on the next post.

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