Look Out Dreemport-Ecency Challenge Here We Come!

I'm not really big on talking about myself but what the hell. Here we go.

Happy time zone appropriate greetings to you. I'm Unkle Bonehead. I'm a dad, husband, former truck driver, ex guitarist of S.C.o.D., podcaster, live streamer, lover of all kinds of (but favors hard rock/metal) indie music. Big on Linux, FOSS, decentralization, self hosting, self sovereignty of the user and I love to break new technology. Ask @aureal about that part, lol.

I'm really no stranger to the Ecency community considering I've been on Hive for over two years already. I've used Ecency a lot over those two years. But probably not as much as I have used 3Speak or Aureal. Since I'm lazy I tend to produce a lot of audio/video content. The vast majority of it resides on 3Speak. Between my 3 Hive accounts I have 200+ audio/video podcasts "on the chain" as they say.

How I got to Hive and Ecency

I already mentioned that I've been doing podcasts and live streams since 2009. Some were fairly big some were erased from existence. But about 3 years ago I started a podcst called "The Self Hosted Podcast". It's sole purpose was for me to learn about a Linux distro called Yunohost. Its pronounced Why You No Host. And can easily turn just about any old computer from a RaspberryPi to an old laptop/desktop into a easily managed home server. Its truly an astounding operating system.
Well during my quest to being decentralized I found Mastodon & the Fediverse. Which then led me to Steem & Hive. This was literally 1 month into the now infamous Hard Fork. And I was teetering on which one to join. But after taking my time and actually reading the white papers the choice was obvious. It had to be Hive.
I joined on Engrave's invite and just kind of sat back and did very little interaction for about 3 months. Played with PeakD, Hive Blog and eSteem. Didnt really care for any of them. But I was new and didnt know what I was doing. So I just lurked.

Then I ran across some awesome peeps while trying to find a community for my content. Which can at times be somewhat inappropriate, lol. The first person I met that opened my eyes that people on Hive were real people was @jaynie. The community leader for the Lifestyle Lounge. Another awesome community on Hive. She was one of the first ones to "accept" me as a real person and welcome me to her community. Between her and @engrave it was the first time I felt welcomed and personal on a social media platform. And they will always have a special place in my heat because of the warm welcome from them.

But I still didn't feel like I was "home". Over the next two years I just did my best to pound out content in any way I could. Not that I was ever looking for notoriety, recognition or wealth. I just wanted to feel like I was at "home". I know that sounds cheesy but go with it cause I dont have any other words to describe it.

During that time I landed on @mspwaves and met @r0nd0n and @crimsonclad. Both of whom I credit with mentoring me on the ways of Hive also. I am truly honored and blessed to call them my friends and family as much as everybody else.

To be honest I still don't understand the whole crypto currency aspect 100% yet. And I probably never will. But I don't care. What matters is that I was getting closer to that feeling of "being at home".

About a year ago I revisited eSteem, which had been rebranded as Ecency. Armed with more knowledge about Hive and how it worked I could see Ecency in a different light. The desktop, mobile and web apps just completely blew my mind. So here I could log in read some awesome posts or write a post all from my desktop or phone/tablet without even opening a browser. That just took my breath away. Some of you are thinking "What? No web browser? Nobody does that!" Well I do. I hate Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, etc all of them. I cant stand them. They all either want to suck up every little bit of info on the user or they dont want to do anything at all. There is no middle ground when it comes to web browsers. If there could be a desktop app for every web site I would use it. So I got active in the Ecency community and boom here we are. I am without a doubt a staunch Ecency user.

The Ecency community is hands down the friendliest community on Hive. They always have a warm pleasant good morning and will go way out of their way to support you on pretty much everything. @good-karma is probably the most accessible developer on Hive and always personally jumps into solving a users problems with both feet. I'm honestly beginning to think he doesnt ever sleep. So he is either and alien like @bambukah or an android from the future.

I honestly cant say that Ecency is the end all beat all for me to fully say that "I'm home". But its the closest I've ever come in these last 3-4 years of my quest into decentralizing myself.

My screenshot of my Ecency points for the challenge.

The Dreemport Challenge

Looks like I got paired up with @blackdaisyft for the challenge this week. I really hope I dont scare her off. Lol. I'm not really mean. I'm just a fuzzy teddy bear. Honestly, I am a rather big dude. Not really tall, but round. Kinda like Pikachu. Cant wait to meet her and see what we can come up with for the week.

Earlier today I held a hangout in the Ecency discord. The purpose was simple. It was a way for me to give away all of my points so I could start this challenge with 0. But it exploded! Ecentials & Hiveians being who they are began donating. The grand prize of my little 1700 points ballooned astronomically to 8350.750 points that went to @bambukah for winning the spin on the wheel of names. Not to mention there were 4 other winners of trivia questions and @thekittygirl did an airdrop of pizza. It was an amazing turnout and it completely blew me away with the kindnes and generosity of all you involved. It was nothing short of amazing. It was live streamed on @vimm and I also recorded it and will get it edited and posted to @threespeak as soon as possible.

3 Things

Other people seem to be sharing 3 facts about themselves and I'm gonna do it here too. But since this post is closing in on 1000+ words Im going to do this as short and fast as I can.

No matter what you may think. Every podcast or live stream I do. I always have an in studio cohost. If shes not there when I start she will open the door and let herself in. Yes she know how to open doors. I just wish she would learn to close them.

My daughter is a budding artist. Which means everything is a cancvas. Including dad. This isnt her best work. Just one that I found the fastest. I think I took this way before she was done that day.

I suck when it comes to selfies.

Before I leave you to carry on

I know what you are thinking I skipped my Leading with Generosity post for today. Well, boom. No I didn't! The 100% beneficiary of this post goes to my partner for the week. @blackdaisyft
So you should know the drill by now. Up vote as much as you can afford and reblog this post to spread the word. So that she may reap the benefits of this post. Then go share it on those crappy old social media site so they can see how much fun it is here on Hive using Ecency and Dreemport!

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