How to get the big up votes on Hive!

How to get the big up votes on Hive

I know, thats another click baity title but maybe it will get you to thinking.

Some of you know that I have been "guest curating" for Ecency. Who knows maybe I even voted on one of your posts. If I did I truly hope it helped you.
I've learned a lot from doing it and I absolutely love it. It really is different to curate for someone else rather than yourself. And I found myself having to put myself into a different mindset to do it correctly.

In this 27 minute video I go over some things about curating content and what is the difference between good and bad quaility content.

What are they? Well I'm gonna make you watch the video! I worked hard on the new intro and outro. Let me know what you think of them. I also am now using Lightworks to do the editing and post production. I'm really enjoying it and the videos are starting to look a lot better. Do you see and hear a difference?

The biggest take away from this video and my opinion is this:

  • Just be you.

  • Be original.

  • Publish your best content.

  • Remember on Web3 YOU ARE YOUR OWN PRODUCT!

Most importantly

Have fun doing it!

Music by Eric Matyas

Intro - "Happy Hour"
Outro - "Closure"

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