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This post was inspired by conversations I've been having with @dreemsteem over the last couple of days. The conversation isnt over yet and I think it's going to continue, hopefully for a very long time.


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Doing what I do

Earlier this week while I was stalking, er I mean, perusing the Ecency discord as I normally do. I was introduced to Dreemport and @dreemsteem. A very charismatic and quite vocal character. Who, from what I gather from our conversations, thinks an awful lot like I do when it comes to content not just on Hive but in general. I think it would behoove me to add her to my "Generally a bad ass" list.

In today's conversation she mentioned something that just hit me like a frieht train at full speed. And she is 100000000% correct on this. We were talking about spending Ecency points to boost other people's post and not our own.

Because I have found that leading with generosity is such a beautiful way to have it come around to you in a genuine way later. - @dreemsteem

That's the quote that hit me right between the eyes. People in todays world. Both in real life and any social media. They are all me, me, me, and me. What if, we all, at least the ones who are reading this. Just take a couple of minutes. Maybe even 15 and write a quick post tagging someone that has inspired you. Someone who has made you think about something. Maybe tag someone you follow but haven't posted for awhile. Just write about how cool it is they are in your little piece of the planet's sphere. Just say "Hey, haven't heard from you for while. You doing good? Here's why I like what you post." And then go spend those Ecency points to boost their reply or latest post! Hell, you can even make them the beneficiary of the post you wrote about them!

Is this a contest?

NO! This is just us being real human beings treating others as real human beings.
There is no rewards and this isn't a challenge. It isn't a contest. So whether you do it here on Hive or some other social media platform. It doesn't matter. Just do it. Let someone know that they are awesome and you are thankful for getting to know them.

Make it a genuine post written from your heart. Remind them that if they liked it they could do the same for someone else of their choosing. Just not you. Tell them to pass it on. Maybe they will and it will keep going. With a little luck and a lot of love this could turn into an avalanche of generosity!

A couple of quick notes

I made @dreemsteem 100% beneficiary of this post. Because this is my little way of saying thank you for inspiring it. I'm going to do my best to do this as often as I can for others. I will be making random posts dedicated to others that I have found to be beneficial to others besides myself. I may not always have time to do one every day but I will do my best to dedicate at least one post a week to lead with generosity.

On Monday 2022/07/04 I will be in the Ecency discord chat-voice room starting at 9am eastern. I will give away all of my Ecency points in a random drawing at 11am eastern. The only requirement is that you are in the chat-text or chat-voice room at some point between 9 and 11am on Monday. I will use a random generator and share my screen so everybody will know it isn't rigged.

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