The Cloud and Ocean Clash over Water


It was a battle royale! Ocean and Cloud had a personality clash which was rooted on their argument on who had more water reserve. It was Ocean that started it all by boasting repeatedly that she had enough water to last forever.

As the quarrel reached a fever pitch, Cloud threatened to withhold the rain. Without looking back, Ocean called her bluff, telling her to go to hell. Then, Cloud seized the rain! She said Ocean must apologize, and beg before anything else.

In the first few years of lack of rain, farmers completely resorted to irrigation to supply water to their crops due to the resultant drought.

As years beget years, rivers and seas, including oceans started drying fast. At the same time, bushes and forests turned to deserts.

Cloud looked down and smiled, knowing it was a matter of time before Ocean will be on her knees, begging for forgiveness.

At a time when all the rivers and seas had turned to sand deposits, and oceans themselves became mere rivers, Earth was in a sorry state. No food! By this time, famine had taken full control of Earth, and Death was having a field day all over the place.

It was at this point that Earth took the report of the dire situation to Sun, requesting for her intervention.


Sun came down, trying to make peace between the two rivals. Ocean that was mostly affected almost succumbed but, Pride posed a stumbling block, and prevented her from apologizing.

Cloud from time to time looked back at the water bank in her possession and smiled. She stood her ground of no compromise.

In annoyance over the foolish quarrel, Sun decided to strike in an unsuspecting manner. She dried up the water reserve of Cloud.

Cloud seeing she was as empty of water as Ocean was forced to come back to the negotiation table. Both of them then resolved to be humble, seeing they were nothing without the substance that made them useful. Besides, the water they were boasting of, came to them through the activity of another, Sun.

The two went together to Sun and begged for forgiveness. Sun addressed them saying none of them had any justifiably reason to boast of their water reserve because Cloud would not have any water if she(Sun) did not cause evaporation to take it up. And, Ocean would have no water without rain from Cloud, pointing out the significance of interdependency among all.

Thereafter, Sun released water to Cloud who in turn sent down the rain.

Heralding the never-seen-before torrential rain, Cloud had gathered all her forces in the sky, spreading a thick darkness that enveloped Earth. It was a nightfall in the middle of afternoon! The thunder and lightening from the sky were unbearable.

It was the deafening sound of the thunder and the blinding flashes that jolted me out of the spirit world, and brought me back to reality, causing me to open my eyes in shock to behold the four walls of my room. I saw myself on my bed. It was a dream!



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