Nightingale and the singing competition


Nightingale was a great singer of note, just as his offsprings are, today. Whenever he raised his voice to sing, everyone stopped whatever they were doing to listen to his melodious tune.

A time came, and it was announced that there was going to be a world singing competition. Nightingale was happy, and was desirous of winning. Without wasting time, he stated training.

Some people who watched him practising thought there was no need for the competition as such. The organising committee, they suggested, should simply call him out to sing and handover the champion's crown to him since no one else was likely to sing with a better voice.

In the same vein, some singers who heard that Nightingale was going to compete in the championship simply chickened out, bearing in mind there was no chance of winning in the presence of Nightingale.

Despite his established good voice, Nightingale was not leaving anything to chance. He kept practising. He even started missing his meals for the sake of perfecting his voice.

"My husband, food is ready. Come and eat," his wife will announce.

Nightingale heard her well but, requested for a little time to conclude on a particular voice note. Before you knew it, he will forget the meal.

As the day of the competition drew nearer, Nightingale stepped up on his rehearsal to a fever pitch. This was to the extent that when the competition was the next day, he sang and sang and sang, and suddenly, he lost his voice.

On the morrow, the D-Day, the arena for the competition was filled to capacity. Expectations were high for competitors to come forward to showcase the stuff they were made of. Behold, Nightingale was no where to be found. His fans who were looking forward to a great entertainment were disappointed.

The question in everyone's lips was, "Were is Nightingale?"

When some of his close friends went to his house after the competition to know why they didn't see him, they found him dumb, using sign language to describe how he lost his voice.

Lesson: Don't overdo things.

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