How to create a better post for beginner in Ecency and the meaning of hive, hive power and hive dollar (HBD)

Now I want to explain in detail about how to make a quality post on the Ecency. The project I created today is how to make a better post for beginners on the Ecency and the meanings of hive, hive power and hive dollar (HBD).

1. Ecency posts must have content / articles

Each Ecency post must have content / articles that have been previously processed. This process is certainly not easy because it has to go through several stages to become a series of words which the reader then deserves to visit. The process, does not rule out the possibility of meeting both technical and non-technical requirements. Therefore writing articles, the nest is as simple as it is, it takes learning, references and technical training to write blog articles to become an instinct where the writer no longer needs to pay attention to technical and non-technical rules and factors, but immediately writes it flowing.

Like people who learn to play the piano he must firts understand the various theories, rules and pratical guidance such as reading and writing scores, tempo, melody, chord, and so forth. But when it is adept of course those things must be released and play with the heart. Likewise with writing whatever the resulting articles writing. Therefore it would be nice if i could collect and track all the articles related to writing post content is this page. Hopefully with this collection of tips on writing this article, my friend can easily find references in the same topic without having to rummage and spend a long time finding it.

2. The concept / article of writing must be draw attention

The concept of writing can be given an underline is pouring ideas , knowledge or experience and feeling in the form of writing. Even a writer of fiction can not be separated from the name of the idea, knowledge and experience it self even though his work is not talking about factual. This is the top article in relation to post article writing. I will invite you to reflect on the motivation of the creation of the blog article. There are facts that show that some of the blog articles circulating in the world give the impression, the benefits and the attention some lose or have no intention at all.

Why ? Because the content is not written for the right people. Like home the title of the article is the gate. Headline or title is very brief summary of what will be featured in the article. Visitors or readers decide wheter to read or not based on the information they get from the title of the article. Lot of quality articles end up in vain written because it does not have an attractive headline.

About Hive

Hive, hive power and hive dollar (HBD)

Today we are going to discuss a new and exciting media platform called Hive Blog. It's social media site hive, hive dollar (HBD) and hive power an overall outline few reasons why hive is maybe a good investment for you now let's talk about.

what is hive Shayne based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards hive is cryptocurrency that powers it hive creates reward opportunities for content creators curators remit hers merchants market makers shoppers and list goes on steamin is the actual social media site which is an application of hive media platform hive dollars HBD is the currency of the hive.

It website and it only works on hive at site it is what users of hive it's sent to each other when they upvote posts on hive it 50% of the rewards are paid out in hive dollars HBD which can be cashed out other 50% of the content rewards are paid in hive power HP which winners get more power to curator contents payment or remittance content rewards are paid in hive dollars HBD which is always worth of $1-10 USD worth of hive so there is less to worry about price swings next we will discuss some good reasons hive is a good investment it rewards its authors and contributors unlike other popular sites like Reddit FB or LinkedIn kind of like YouTube channels getting paid for posting videos it's an amazing way to find more creative authors.

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