A wee bit of this and a wee bit of that!

Hello Hello bees of the Hive

It seems that this is going to be a crazy week ahead!

IF you don't know what the fuss is about, then let me fill you in on a wee secret .... This is WEEK 1 IN THE ECENCY DREEMPORT CHALLENGE!

Yep the Dreemport squad is teeming up with the Ecencians this month!

The first week is a partner up challenge, and as usual, I am writing my post late at night so know already that my partner is the awesome @olawalium Ola and I know each other from another platform, so we will crush this week, football and engagement what a great way to have fun...

However, @dreemsteem has instructed us to do some things for the challenge, and me being a good boy am complying!

So first up is a screenshot of my ecency points as of right now....

Tell us what we like we were toldπŸ«βš½β˜•πŸ’™

I like most things, blue and Rangers being right up there.

I will turn the table though and say three things that I don't like.


You can keep that stuff, seriously what an over rated food. Give me a bar of chocolate or some toast and butter any day of the week.
So for me πŸ• gets a πŸ‘Ž
Whilst I am setting the cat amongst the pigeons, I may as well add that I don't see any harm in adding 🍍 pineapple to your πŸ•pizza!


There is enough tragedy around the world, why would you pay to watch something that leaves you in tears! Nah give me comedy all day long, I like to be happy!


I am pretty laid back and very few things wind me up. BUT people who leave litter/trash/gargbage call it what you like, they piss me the right off and I have had a fair few heated exchanges with people. Whenever I walk I take bags to pick up trash left behind by thoughtless tossers.

RIght that is enough of my whining for one day.

Chocolate intermission.....🍫

AND .... On to the rest of the post...

What am I like?
I am straight talking and I think a charming rascal, which leads me nicely onto my partner Ola! Another charming rascal, I think we should call ourselves The Charming Rascals and come and tag team your posts... What do you think @olawalium

This will be fun, and ecency is my favourite front end. In fact you will often see me up in the leaderboards for activities on ecency, there is the proof that I like ecency!

Getting round to 47 posts a day will be fun and I expect some of the dreemers to top the Hive Engagement League next week.

I am ready for this week and hope that you are as well!

Onwards and upwards ecencians and dreemers!


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman @TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


Haste Ye Back!

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