Lahore- My favourite city

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I hope everyone is enjoying the readings on ecency. Today, i am participating in the contest given by @mypathtofire.
In this contest we have to tell about our favorite city.
lahore- culturally enriched city

Lahore is city of Pakistan. I lived in lahore for two years and i will surely say that it took my whole heart. My heart doesn't have special place for lahore infact my whole heart is for lahore.
Lahore is one of the ancient city in Subcontinent. Lahore has unique architecture which upholds the beauty of Mughal Era. Whenever we talk about lahore we cannot complete the definition of lahore without explaining the Mughal's architecture because they gave so much to subcontinent.
Which is the main thing i like about lahore?
3-Ancient Architecture & Historical buildings
First of all, i will talk about the people of lahore. So, we say them lahori because they live in lahore. Natives of lahore are so kind. When a person meet them,he feels that he is at home. In short, lahore always gives you feeling of home.
Secondly, the food is so versatile and diverse that you will be amazed by it. Food will give you ultimate relief. Food items are not that much expensive and at the same time they are rich in taste.
Lastly, the nostalgic and memorable thing about lahore is that lahore has so many historical buildings. I love to explore historical buildings. Even i want to see each brick of historical building.So, from this line you can make guess that how much i am in love with Lahore and with historical buildings.
Concluding thoughts
In short, Lahore (ਲਾਹੌਰ لاہور)is love. Whenever you will get a chance to visit the world don't forget to include lahore in your travel list.
Love you all.
Thanks 😊

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