Ecency Challenge - Engage as much as you want [Day-1]

Hive blockchain is a platform that require good amount of patience and persistence to survive. I am very much thankful to @ecency for allowing me to survive all the 6 years and even now as well. I must confess that I am not a dedicated @ecency user now but I always access it on daily basis for differrnt purposes. *From curating to reblogging to replying to many other purposes. Its been so many years now and honestly I never ever deleted this app from my mobile.


I believe, I am one of the many first user of this app. Even many a times I reported the team about bugs, issue, and other improvement areas. As I said it is still an integral part of my @hive survival. To began discussing on #ecencychallenge about one of the various feature, I like the replying option the most.

User can find the "replying" under two different tabs. Firstly, on clicking the notification bell icon at bottom right corner and secondly, on getting into the profile by clicking the profile picture.

What I like Most about 'replying'

The reply option under the notification tab allows me to engage quickly than anynother app. It bring up the entire conversation at one point. User just need to click the icon and start Engaging one after the another. Also while replying, if you write few words and scroll up and down to view the topic or subject, the data never lost away from the replying tab. This makes it a user friendly app and very useful.

Why I like "replyjng"?

The replying festure allows me to remain enagage on the platform Engagement plays an important role in user survival on the platform. Engagement means to comment on other post and convert it into an interesting conversation. Infact for many user engagement is the secondary source of reward generstion. I remember my first big reward on this blockchain came from commenting only. Also it gelps in creating a repo among the other author. A good way create your impression on the platform. Even now it helps me keeping everything nice and good regarding engagement.

About Ecency proposal

Over the last 6 years, I have seen the growth and development of @ecency . I love the way the team alwsys try to make the app more user friendly. The latest of them are @3speak video integration. Video playing has alwsys been lacking on the platform and now with the integration it was made possible. This continous effort of improvement and moving in right direction is what makes @ececny a good front-end on #hive.

@melinda010100 @xuwi this is my today post on the ecency challenge

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