Ecency has been a great part of my journey of success in the hive blockchain. It is my go to app and website for most activities, especially keeping up with the blogs and articles. I found out about the #ecencychallenge and decided to discuss of how I have utilized the swap feature for my benefit in recent time.


The swap feature
This feature is the aspect where you are able to exchange tokens in the web page. I used to have to wait for days just to exchange my hbd to hive tokens, but ever since the swap feature came up, I exchange it and receive the convert almost immediately.

It's easy all that is need is to:

  • enter the web page
  • Click the swap option, input the amount of hive or hbd you wish to convert,
  • no fee include as it is free, then continue
  • it will redirect you to confirm by using or your key
  • when you follow the necessary instructions, you will be successful.

This feature has come in so handy and I can say It is one of my most utilized feature on the ecency platform. One time It save me from missing a Hive power up day by getting liquid hive tokens.

Finally, the ecency proposal is one that is so promising with Great expectations for the future. This year there Hass been so many updates in several features that help to create a user friendly experience on the interface. Do you part by supporting this project. Check through this link

This is my entry for the challenge by @melinda010100 and @xuwi .for more details on the challenge check here

images was gotten as a screenshot from the ecency web page

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