Hive-Engine Support for Ecency Tokens



As it stands Ecency points can only be used on the Ecency frontend.

I wanted to make this post to pose a serious question about the Ecency points use-case.

I love the dapp and the token for its attainability and usability so it is a fairly easy to understand use-case but there is something missing.

Why arent Ecency points tradable and supported by the Hive-Engine exchange?

I have seen Ecency promoted content with users seeking to trade Ecency points at a discounted rate for HBD and HIVE on an honor based agreement lol RED ALERT!

This could open up to new users being scammed and I would be suprised if it hasnt already happened.

I just feel like it would be a stellar progression for ecency points to be tradable on hive engine giving users a safer way to make trades.

What do you all think?

Please let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea or if I am just causing problems for the developers of ecency and hive-engine by bringing this up because I dont want to step on anyones toes!

I am probably just 100% confused about the nature of Ecency points and maybe they arent even cryptocurrency to begin with IDK but I would love to hear your thoughts and learn something new :)

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