My Most Utilized Ecency Features

Hello, Hivers and friends! Welcome to my blog

I'm here to share with you my favorite ecency features.

As Hivers we must have heard of ecency websites or the mobile app: it is one of the decentralized platforms powered by hive.

There are so many features of Ecency that I love and I’ve been using it right from the day I signed in.

But today I am going to talk about a few that happen to be my most loved features.


One of my best features of ecency is being able to view every other person's post without stress. Any post published through the Ecency front end will be visible in the general feed. Mostly that of our friends and reblogged posts too.

Anybody can view it without having to click on the community the post belonged or checking the writer's blog. This increases visibility for the authors and makes it easily accessible to readers who love reading random posts. I have come across so much important information concerning hive by scrolling through the friends or community feed.
Sometimes this is how I get to meet good authors.

Post promotion and Ecency boost is also one of my best features. You don’t only have to take your post to the post-promo channel in the discord group, you can just do it using ecency points and get more views and maybe support too.

You can boost your post to get higher votes using these points.

How do we get Ecency points?

The fact that you don’t have to work very hard to get these points is amazing. Even a newbie can get these points within two weeks of publishing a post and engaging in others' posts through the Ecency frontend. These points can also be used to boost any author's post we like and wish to support the author.

Also, there’s a way Ecency arranges posts when you click on a particular community. Aside from the top feed, there's the New feed, which shows the latest posts in that community, and also the Hot feed, which is the most voted or engaged post.

Ecency waves, (for microblogging):
Ecency waves enable one to make short posts on Hive. One can make a post of very few words about anything with any picture.
There's a great probability of making good friends through active usage of ecency waves. This is where I met great people like Melinda, Uzoma, mypathtofire and Jmis who have become my very good friend.

Ecency FAQ: FAQ means Frequently Asked Question. This feature is in the ecency websites in the form of a question mark.
Clicking on it will show a pop-down menu of everything you need to know about ecency and hive. This feature is one of my favorites because it has helped me with the explanation of the many things I don't know about hive, from explaining staking tokens to what are witnesses and proposals.

Ecency Proposal:

After reading the proposal, I can't help but appreciate the improvement of ecency throughout the years.
It's more exciting to know the wonderful incoming features like ecency light and chats.
It is a great proposal and I give it my full support.

I thank @melinda010100 and @xuwi for bringing us the ecency challenge.

Feel free to reblog, support the proposal, or join the challenge.

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