Airdrops, Meme Coins, DeFI, Lambos? You Pick the Topic! .:. Hive Humpday Hangout Special Edition #3 (Wednesday, March 27, 5 PM UTC)

We made a deal about the "Special Edition" #HHHLive shows two months ago... The deal was to do these shows at least once per month, and if it is possible, to do them on the last Hump Day of the month... What are these shows about? Well, in these special editions, we are talking about what participants want to talk about! So, if you come to the show, you can be a screenplay writer for it... 😃

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I have to admit that this month I was researching stuff on HIVE and outside HIVE like crazy... I do not know how many hours I spent doing it, but it was a lot! Reading whitepapers, watching YT reviews, joining Discord and Telegram servers/groups, asking questions, and testing things out...

In every previous bull market, we had some "top narrative"... When I joined the crypto-mania, it was mining tokens with GPUs and ASICs, after that, it was running staking nodes, then ICO, then Oracles, then decentralized social media networks, etc.

This year, I have a feeling that narratives are changing on a monthly level, or even on weekly levels! Everyone is buzzing around, trying to CREATE a new narrative if "their" isn't in the focus... But, there is one thing that will probably be always actual and it will mark this bull cycle... AIRDROPS...

We had some of them on Hive, or better said, Hive-Engine this year... and at the end of the last year... GLX tokens last year, and COLONY, SCRIPT this year... But, in the crypto world dozens and dozens of airdrops are running at the moment and who knows how many more will come in the future...

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Another thing that will probably mark this bull run is meme coins... We had them in the last cycle, but what is happening at the moment is completely another level of "degening" 🤣 DOGE, SHIBA INU, are the past... PEPE, BONK, WIF, BINK, PINK, BOZO, etc. are the current "players"... It's just crazy what stories are running around these tokens... Who is a friend of who, and who is a sister, and who is a child... lol... Btw. playing with them is like playing with fire... and if you want to catch some new meme coin and be among the first people, the chance of being burned is probably over 50%!

I'm not a Twitter (X) person, but I went to check out some of the tokens... It is a jungle! On every 1 authentic account, you have dozens of fake/scam accounts that look the same as the original! Yes, you can check followers and engagement, but some of them are really done professionally, and very hard to recognize that they are fake... So, BE VERY CAUTIOUS if you are researching things on

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Darn, the idea was to create an announcement post for the #HHHLive show and I did a rant post about meme tokens... lol... Anyway, the last Special Edition show was awesome and I have no doubts that this one will be the same awesome and probably better than the previous one... 😃 So, come along and have fun...

Like I said, the topic is chosen by YOU guys... If you want to talk about something, come to the show, ask in voice, or chat, and if we have the " mental capacity" to talk about it, we will... 😃 I'm doing this announcement post a bit late, so the show will be in less than 18 hours of this post!

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For all the participants, there are some LEN tokens for attending the show, and some special rewards (in Ecency POINTS) for those who were the bravest and came on the voice during the show!!! Don't forget that NOBODY is obligated to talk in the show, so you CAN come to listen and engage with others in the text chat... 😉

What steps you should take now:

  1. Join Ecency Discord here
  2. Check out your local time for the event at the top of the Ecency DISCORD side menu
  3. Click on the chat-voice channel on Wednesday, 5 PM UTC (check your local time 👆👆)
  4. Follow the event-chat channel during the show and engage with others!
  5. Share the buzz about the show on Ecency Waves and InLeo threads using the tag #HHHLive and be rewarded with upvotes!

Or just click on this link that will lead you directly to the Event announcement, where you can see all the info!

If you would like to discuss a certain topic in future shows, please let me know in the comment section... See you on Wednesday!!!

Thank you for your time,


Inviting people who asked to be tagged in the announcement posts: @chinay04, @duskobgd, @felixxx, @foxkoit, @ganjafarmer, @gwajnberg, @incublus, @kvinna, @manclar, @melinda010100, @mell79, @mengao, @mypathtofire, @nabbas0786, @palomap3, @rafzat, @travoved, @yummycruz1, @willythewhale. If you want to be reminded about future shows, please ask to be added (or removed) to this list in the comment section!

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