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Do you find time to reflect on what's going on in the world today? What about within your family either online or offline, do you truly connect with them? 2021 greeted me with a very reflective, hopeful, and optimistic year knowing that I started it with good vibes, confirmed when I took that quiz from Dayspring.

What's Your Word?

  • What's Your Word for 2021?
    Let me start it from there because of the CLARITY and being at PEACE with what it symbolized for my whole family knowing our current situation back home. That quiz was a starting point of how our journey together started especially that I needed to take the COURAGE and FAITH to keep going ahead for my siblings. I even wrote my post about it entitled, What's Your Word for 2021? amazed with the result which I took twice for confirmation purposes, yet I was dumbfounded why "OVERCOME?"

Was it to overcome the pandemic and it's effect to humanity? Was it to overcome FOMO that I might not be able to travel this year and see my family in the Philippines? Or was it to overcome an inner struggle between quitting my job and be full time online? I was still so unsure when I got the result not until I heard the news about my papa's condition and it felt like bomb. His diagnosis on liver cirrhosis (end stage) was clear indication that my family will "OVERCOME" this fear of missing our dad in flesh and blood.

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I was wondering, how on earth a simple word can be someone's guidance? Nope, I was wrong. It was not just a simple word wherein you can forget about it rather it's a word that will create an IMPACT in your life, more so when you BELIEVE in it.

Remember what Yehuda Berg said,

"Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble."

Do you Believe that Bitcoin Cash Can Put an End to War?

I remembered fully even when Roger Ver said in one of his interviews to have life outside crypto, to emerge oneself into the reality of other areas in our lives where cryptocurrency could not fathom its deepest plethora of wealth and abundance. I was so struck in one of his talks in Acapulco when he's almost teary-eyed, felt that pain when people are being ripped off with their rights especially when he said in vehemence how Bitcoin Cash can put an end to war.

There were instances when I went astray with my involvement in cryptocurrency, even to the point of not spending much time with my baby and my hubby as I needed to blog, to trade, to earn, and other excuses for my very innocent intention of providing for my father's medication. Later did I realize I almost lost the GEM I already have. Looking back to those moments, I am blessed to have rerouted back to the real essence of my existence. Bitcoin Cash somehow saved me from my most crucial war within myself. Blogging here and saw the full potential of the platform in its most engaging way was more meaningful than trash talking. I preferred the cause of BCH not just the coin itself.


  • Utilization on Money vs. Time?

Money is our voice, that's a reality yet money can never buy the TIME lost when you forgot how to make most spending it with your loved ones. We all heard the news of Bitcoin Billionaires like Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss who became the first billionaires from a late-2017 surge in Bitcoin prices and many others likewise trading volumes in exchangeswhich surged 10 times increased in Southeast Asia.

All good news right? Money is everywhere in the crypto community. We all benefited from it, however, one of the most important things I have seen that we kept on fighting until today with common denominators on hate, fraction, and division. Why the hate? Why can't we keep working for our common goal of helping others in uplifting their welfare? Can we at least be human for a while? Is it really impossible to work harmoniously? Regardless of the coins we were supporting with, should we work hand in hand, setting aside differences but UNITED with our goals in bringing more economic freedom to the world, regulations towards cryptocurrency by the governing bodies will cease especially if they have seen its MASS ADOPTION and UTILIZATION.

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Yes, I am earning, we all do and from it I am grateful but reading news daily with the government's regulations on crypto and so many other stories hindered my productivity because I followed into it heartily. I told myself, I need to pause for a while and reflect what's my mission here? What's my essence? I knew for myself, I don't write just for monetary purposes but with strong conviction, hopeful that others would LEARN something valuable, and through it I can help them "OVERCOME" whatever they are going through in life. Isn't it more fruitful to share because others can benefit from its realistic context? How shallow if our main objective is mainly for the monetary facet.

Moving forward, that word "OVERCOME" which I put on my vision board as a reminder of its message, led me into an accompanying realization that with steadfast FAITH as prayer offered in it will make the sick person with terminal illness well and be healed. BELIEVING that my papa will be granted life's extension.

  • What's My Stand on It?

In connecting the DOTS of our LIVES, circumstances are leading us to how we could be of Service to others through listening to that tiny voice wrapped in a very thin line of our INNER PEACE likewise finding BALANCED deep within ourselves. We won't be having that "sugar rush" moment wherein we kept running time after time imprisoned in a rat race mentality. Now ask yourself, are you growing forward or you're still getting back the parts and parcel of your life?

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