Are You Determined Enough For Your Dreams?

Back during the time as if it's like a hype, wherein working abroad would give your family a brighter and better future. True enough, fast forward, I managed to buy a small property for my housing project and a minicab for a small-scale business where my parents are the ones handling these days.


8 years ago, as I have stated which seemed to be an end goal of our employment record, working abroad was an ultimate dream for everyone, well even to these days. It seemed that once you're overseas, expectations of people around you are also getting higher, more likely because signature apparels are more affordable likewise gadgets must also be in season, indirectly saying, materially you are well-off!

Took these signature shopping areas at The Pearl during our educational fieldtrip in Qatara wherein most of my colleagues were so overwhelmed with the branded clothes displayed at those shops so I decided to take a photo for remembrance. Lol I found it so shallow to be so engrossed with "designers' clothes knowing that in the other parts of the world, some people could barely buy food.





Anyways looking back, it was my drEEm as well to work seven seas apart from my country. It was all I could think of, to give my family a better future. True enough I was given an opportunity to teach in an international school in Doha, however, the process of going there was a learning curve to me up until today.



You see, when the agency from the metropolitan, an hour and half flight from my city informed that I needed to sign the documents prior to my flight to Doha and she explained they will only cater my visa application and other expenses bound for Qatar but NOT my stay in Manila.


More or less I needed at least two weeks to process the authentication of my papers thus I have to stay there. There was no arrangement of my lodging from the agency itself hence opted to call my friend who has a beauty salon and asked whether I could stay for a couple of days.

To sum it up, I needed around 50, 000 php all in all just to stay there and process my papers, my expenses, my share to my friend's place, etc!

The 50,000php also include another medical exam that I needed to undergo which would be taken from my own pocket. There were 5 of us who did the medical exam together likewise, fare going to and fro was also costly. I only have 5000 in my savings. I don't know where on earth am I going to get money. I did not inform my parents as well because I know they won't allow and they won't support my plan abroad. So I sourced things out myself. I asked my friends and my relatives whether they could spare me an amount of money and had shown them a copy of my visa as a proof that I got a job bound for Qatar.


Unfortunately, all of them turned me down. At the back of my mind, two voices where telling me to GIVE UP and to GO ON! I always had sleepless nights thinking on giving up of my dream, yet I was never disheartened, My DETERMINATION was my companion at that time. I CAN NOT and WON'T GIVE UP on my drEEm. That was my lifeboat. Of course, apart from my DETERMINATION, my FAITH on HIM strengthen. I did my nine consecutive days of PRAYERS asked God to give me this chance to work abroad. I am already half way there, I can't give up just yet.

Lo and behold, my last resort was my mother's eldest sister whom I haven't spoken in years, and she just came to my mind, hoping that she would understand my situation. I took a trip to her place and on that day she was at work. Relieved I was given the chance to enter the school where she was teaching as I couldn't wait for the next day. She was surprised to see me unexpectedly and at once I have shown her my visa. It seemed an angel heard my prayers that she said she will do her best to lend an amount of money with an interest.


She has given me her blessing and a week after I spoke to her, she told me to come and take the amount necessary for my trip. In 6 months as I have promised to her, I paid the full amount with interest and I am forever grateful.


Lesson that I learned of my experience:

I enjoyed more the PROCESS
not just the JOURNEY itself!




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