Eid holiday, just can go for a walk to the mall with family

Hello hiver friends. how are you all? I hope all of you are always in good condition, healthy, abundant, and full of love. Amen.

Yesterday morning, on Thursday, May 5, 2022, I took my wife and children to a picnic area to fill the Eid holiday. Actually, I don't have any plans to go to a picnic place yet. Without a plan, we kept going.

And it turns out that along the way to the city of Bogor is already very jammed. Even though we were supposed to be riding a motorbike, we were still stuck in a very bad traffic jam. I also decided to go to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. When we got there, we couldn't enter, because many visitors were already queuing at the gate of the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Because it was noon, we were forced to enter the mall parking lot near Bogor Raya Park. We entered the mall and had lunch there. Finally, our family can only enjoy the Eid holiday by walking around the mall which is also very crowded with mall visitors.




We can only have Eid holidays in the mall

Inside the mall, there is already a garden on the rooftop above the building for a place to relax and take pictures together. The garden contains a lot of sunflower plants. Deliberately planted by the mall as a tourist destination or just to fill vacation time in the mall.




Even though we as a family can only enjoy Eid holidays in the mall, we are very happy. The children seemed to really enjoy their Eid holiday. Maybe what our children have in mind is that being able to go for a walk with their father and mother is something of great joy. Togetherness and joy are always present in the life of our little family.

Finally we went back home because it was getting late. The condition of the highway around Bogor Raya Bogor is still very congested. Slowly but surely, we were able to get through the traffic jams and get home safely.

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