Thanks For Lending Your Helping Hands

Several times in my journey through life, I have found myself in situations that left me at the point of giving up completely. But each time, I find help showing up and then, I am able to move on to a new phase.

In this post however, I want to focus on the different helping hands that reached out to me since I joined Hive about seven months ago.

Prior to that time, I had never heard about anything called Hive (please don't be shocked 😐).

I was taken through the onboarding process by @kenechukwu97, and I am still amazed at his patience in answering my seemingly never-ending questions. He was the first person to give me a HP delegation when I couldn't upvote any post or reply any comment. (I didn't even know what HP was at that time, hehehe!)

When I made my first post, @brittandjosie, @jamesrussell and @wesphilbin quickly reached out to welcome me and offer helpful advice and tips.

I have received HP delegations from @melinda010100 and @flaxz at different times that came at just the right time.

But something happened that shook me. It was the day I understood the meaning of "curiosity killed the cat". I had clicked on a link that led to my account being hacked... I didn't know what to do🙆🙆‍♀️. I ran to ecency discord server. @beeber, @melinda010100, @mypathtofire, @flaxz were concerned and offered suggestions that helped me secure my account after @kenechukwu97 had taken me through the steps to recover my account.

After that incident, I took a "holiday" from Hive to handle other responsibilities that needed my attention. Now I am back, and grateful for the opportunity to say Thank you for lending me your helping hands when I needed them.

Help may not be financial, kind words and encouragement work wonders. You never know who you are bringing out of depression.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.
I, @ngwinndave, authored this post. The photo in this post is mine, taken with my beloved Samsung galaxy A20s.

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