Persistent depression


Do you believe this nonsense? Personally, I don’t. I believe in the existence of depression, but it is unlikely that it should be permanent. It's just easier for people to say that they have constant depression and that's it, rather than work like hell to achieve something. But why is this so? Is it because of procrastination or chronic illness, or is it because of the fear of not living up to expectations, as well as not being able to fulfill your potential? Let's figure it out.

The percentage of people suffering from procrastination is growing due to the tonns of trash content on YouTube.people do not want to develop in truth, but why, if you can spend an evening with a packet of chips and trash videos.

I will not touch on chronic diseases, since not many have those that can cause depression.

And let's touch on the most interesting topic. Fear of not living up to expectations and becoming financially independent. I understand people like that, as I have developed diligently for the last 4 years, but have not tried to take risks. This fear that something would not work out consumed me completely from the inside. but the moment came when I realized that if I didn’t take risks, I would work for someone all my life and forget about success forever. Financial independence is my goal. Do your favorite things and enjoy the process. Fear is just a barrier that you must try to jump over, and if you stumble, then try again and again. The biggest fear is losing your investment, because 80 percent of ideas require investment to be implemented. Take it today and start looking for a way to achieve your goal. Don't be afraid to lose $ 100, because you can lose a lot more. The ability to leave a mark on history.

Success is closer than you think.

Thank you for your attention!!!
Peace in your home.

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