2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest : A Pop Collage.

Ecency friends, today I want to participate in the Illustrations/collage/sculpture/digital art category of the Second Annual Ecency Art Contest Link Here.

Reviewing my first publication in February 2021, I realized that the first comment I received was from Ecency, inviting me to join to promote and promote my content.

Many times we leave things for later and forget about it, missing opportunities and all for fear of the new. Throughout my short trajectory in Hive I always read excellent comments about Ecency because of the versatility and the clear, clean and friendly interface that it offers us when creating content.

I have only been using the platform for three months and I must admit that it offers what it promised and much more, it even gives us rewards, (apart from those given in Hive), for writing, publishing and commenting, I think you can't ask for more.

Today I want to show with my collage how I feel, applying an explosion of pop colors to a photo of my property in which I want to encourage the use of Ecency, of course I am not Andy Warhol, but it is a small tribute.

Photograph of my property using my Iphone 4 cell phone:

I also used from Ecency Assets the images provided by @thekittygirl, @good-karma, and @boremar.




My entry may be included in #assets.

Now, I'm missing an entry: a Slogan, working on it to publish. Best regards and good luck to all the contestants.

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