2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest : Come to Ecency, do it your way brilliantly and get to wherever you want to be (A Slogan).

Hello fellow Ecency members, today I may be making the publication that was the most difficult for me to participate in the Second Annual Art Contest of Ecency: the creation of a Slogan.

In college I did not do very well in marketing, but I remember that to promote an idea or product, first of all I must know what are the elements of the brand, identify precisely what is its essence in order to build a phrase that connects with a specific audience.

Then the phrase or slogan is built through brainstorming among the creative group, in my case I am alone. My goal is to make known what Ecency is, what are its benefits and then put on paper a brainstorming to develop a slogan that is true to the genetics of Ecency.


The elements offered by Ecency.

Ecency offers its users versatility in its use, which is noticeable when we interact with communities and users, when accessing the Hive blockchain.

It is a very easy to use friendly fronted that offers us Hive users a wide amount of functions when writing our posts in any community, there are even very useful tools when reading post from other fellow Hiveans.

By placing the cursor over a user's name it is possible to view their profile, without having to open it.

With an amazing simplicity we can highlight words, phrases or text in bold, convert them to italics, it gives us up to 4 options of headings, helps us to enter code functions, helps us to make quotes of sentences, to make ordered and unordered lists, to add links to our work with their respective sources, to add images with their links, to insert tables between 1 and 3 columns, to use Smileys and to enter code snippets (which I have not done yet).

Even, if we have already written an article and we forgot to choose the community where we want to publish Ecency in a very friendly way allows us to do it. And something very important and useful, if by any chance we have to stop writing we can save a draft, which can be modified to improve it or to continue writing.

When we are enjoying reading a publication through Ecency, by highlighting a paragraph that may interest us, it is possible to copy it, tweet it and quote it.

In addition, Ecency presents a points system that rewards us for publishing, voting, reblogging, following someone and even for keeping the application open.

These points can be used to promote publications, make them more visible, and even to give them as gifts to other users.


Keeping in mind that Ecency offers me, my writing on paper was flowing, I wrote the craziest phrases that came to my mind, but I plan to expose before you only ten that seemed to me the most accurate with the proposed idea. Then I will choose three Slogans that I like to choose only one that will give me entry to participate in the contest, these are:

  1. Ecency makes me want to read, create and publish again.
    2.The future is bright, the future is Ecency.
    3.Ecency in Hive, for everything and everyone.
    4.Ecency is wherever you want to be.
    5.Let your ideas flow with Ecency.
    6.The best creators use a secret weapon: Ecency.
    7.Just do it your way, come to Ecency.
    8.With Ecency the power is equal for all.
    9.Ecency has everything you need to publish and share.
  2. It's time for you, Ecency time.

I proceed to choose three finalist Slogans, in no order of preference:

  1. The future is bright, the future is Ecency.
  2. Ecency is wherever you want to be.
  3. Just do it your way, come to Ecency.

At the last minute I decided not to limit myself, and combined the three previous Slogans into one that I think condenses the meaning of what Ecency wants to convey. This is my slogan to participate in the initiative:

Come to Ecency, do it your way brilliantly and get to wherever you want to be.

Thank you very much for allowing me to express my ideas, and although I confess that this proposal made my brain explode a little, in the end I found it interesting and fun. Good luck to all participants, and see you next time.

The image belongs to @chaosmagic23, who kindly gave it to ecency-assets.

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