2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest : A Gif for Ecency.

Hello, although I am new to Ecency I have been in Hive for almost two years, and I have learned to channel certain skills that I did not know I had, I work in the area of administration and finance, I am also a movie buff, rocker and recently started writing some stories and stories in different communities.

Although in comments from fellow Hivers I always heard wonders of Ecency as a social network powered by Hive, I have even been invited several times to join, and I did not dare to use it until two months ago out of pure curiosity.

With a lot of fear I started using the app and I found a very intuitive site that even rewards you for just opening it, for posting, voting or reblogging a post. It also allows me to save the deletions of my posts, something I always wanted to do and didn't know how.

I'm still exploring Ecency and its ease of use makes it easy to see notifications, check our wallet, and even see our accumulated tokens in Hive Engine, all in one.

The Ecency reward points I can use to promote a post, boost it and even give it as a gift to other users.

For all this I can summarize that in Ecency we make community, we help each other, and we take full advantage of the ease of a platform with many opportunities in a win-win relationship with a sense of belonging. It also allows us to make our publications within Hive more attractive.

Here is my first entry in the Second Annual Ecency Art Contest Link Here. I will make my first entry with a gif that symbolizes everything I had previously expressed:

The images used by me are from Pixabay, and I attach the corresponding sources: Source,Source, Source, Source, Source,Source

I also used from Ecency Assets the images provided by @thekittygirl and @boremar.

Right now I am motivated to think of a slogan and a collage to complete my next entries in this initiative. Good luck to all the contestants. Best regards.

My entry may be included in #assets.

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