My Favorite Beverage - Banana Power!

You might be able to guess my favorite drink from the first picture. It involves bananas. I like a variety of drinks but mostly I try to drink plain water as much as possible or ginger tea.

However, this morning I enjoyed a homemade banana smoothie.

First I peeled all the bananas and put them in the blender.

This left a big pile of banana skins to dispose of.

I try to fill the jug and then add water to roughly 40% of the way. This makes it more like a drink and not so thick.

You can add some other ingredients. I have cocoa powder or raspberries or blueberries but I prefer to drink the smoothy neat.

I then start mixing this bad boy. It takes only 30 seconds and my blender is quite powerful so was smoking whilst blending!

Here I made a video of the blending

Pouring the banana goodness into the pint glass you can see how good it looks.

The finished result looks very tasty and drinks down very nice. This was my first pint for my banana smoothie breakfast. After my second pint, I was feeling pretty much like a banana.

Thanks for reading.


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