Intro to Ecencians/Dreemers

Hello Ecencians & Dreamers,

As part of the Dreemport/Ecenian challenge here, I will tell a little about myself.

My name is Steve Hodl, you might remember me from public service videos such as "Hodl or your life" or "Hodl don't sell".

But seriously, I started blogging around 7 months ago and originally was thinking to do a personal finance blog but that became boring quite quickly and I discovered crypto and the exciting projects and communities around it. Therefore the background to my username is - my path to fire (fire is an acronym for financial independence retire early).

A personal hero in this space is Mr Money Moustache and I really like many of his quips about money.

Now I like to blog about anything and everything but mostly crypto-related. I work with numbers normally and so therefore counting and analysing is what I'm used to however on Hive I like to step out of my comfort zone and go in all directions.

Some fun facts about me are that I wore a T-shirt with "Suomi" on it when visiting Japan to try and confuse any Finnish people there that I might be Finnish.

My aspiration is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and travel to some places far off the beaten track. Although I'm not sure how I would manage that without forgoing any home comforts.

I like many kinds of music but cannot dance.

Personal heroes of mine are David Hasselhoff or The Hoff as I affectionately call him and Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Governator. David since his early Knightrider days and his musical talents. Arnie because I was so impressed with what he achieved in his life.

I have been using Dreemport for a couple of months now and Ecency for around a month and think that both platforms are awesome. Therefore I'm really pumped for this challenge and feel that my team is really going to rock it!!

Thanks for reading.


Title photo created by me.

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