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This is my entry into the Childhood Memories contest by @ydaiznfts which you can find here.

One of my favorite childhood memories is when I was younger and waking up very early on a Saturday or Sunday morning around 6 am, sometimes even 5 am, and I would go downstairs on my own and watch TV.

Back then we had only 4 channels on terrestrial TV and it was even before the launch of satellite TV! They didn't often have round-the-clock programming, but one or two of the channels would sometimes start at around 5 am. I would wait for the programming to get started or if there was anything it could be very boring news and politics.

However, often on the weekends, they would show some cartoons and one of these that I really loved to watch and was hooked on was called Ulysses 31. This was an amazing cartoon that mixed space science-fiction with greek mythology.

The greek mythology was really powerful along with the great voice-overs and intro music. In each episode, it starts with "You dare defy the Gods" which was just powerful and captivating.

Amazingly they only made 26 episodes, but it felt at my young age as though they had made many seasons. Ulysses was on a journey to try and find his way back to Earth and back then to me it seemed he would never get back there as there were so many episodes as I watched many over again without any choice of which ones to watch.

Back then we couldn't binge-watch a whole series or store any episodes ourselves as MP4 or online. I don't remember recording too many TV series on VHS cassettes at that age so just had to hope that they played the episodes in the correct order and that I didn't miss any.


Watching the show was probably my first introduction to greek mythology and this is what was so fascinating to see where it would lead you. What was the city of Hades? Why were the gods angry? Who were the gods? What was this expanse of space?

Not only the cool greek mythology but there was the funny robot and then Ulysses himself who was the perfect hero with his space gear and jetpack.

The voiceovers and mystery were really well done and way ahead of their time and not forgetting the cool intro music.

Thanks for reading.


Here you can listen to the extended remixed version of the intro theme. It was great that the company that made the series made the effort to make a remixed version.


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