A look at Cultural Differences - Ecency Discord Topic

In this week's Ecency discord topic, we are looking at cultural differences. We have some prompt's to help us, so it is a little easier 😅.

  • What things have you noticed that are perfectly normal in other places on this earth, but are frowned upon or weird in your world?

Something that is normal in some places is to greet people with a hug or kiss. Even for friends and new acquaintances. But here such close bodily contact could cause some funny situations.

I am often confused and wondering what to do in these situations. Especially if you meet someone from Poland or France and there can be a lot of cheek kissing involved.

  • How do you like that we are so diverse in our cultural backgrounds here on the Blockchain?

I think it is one of the advantages of being an online community that people from all over the world can come together, become good friends, work towards common goals and support each other.

When people are blogging about their daily lives all over the world, it opens up our understanding of different cultures and this can affect us in a positive way.

  • Do you judge or condemn people acting differently, or are you tolerant and accepting?

I love to learn about new places, cultures, and activities. Therefore I think I am quite tolerant and accepting. Although in reality I a probably much less tolerant and more judging than I realise. Therefore it is always good to try not to judge people but to have understanding.

I think most people are generally tolerant and accepting of other people and cultures. This is maybe why so many people like to travel and visit new places and people. They can then discover new things and enrich their lives.

  • What would you like to see more of in your country as it is elsewhere? More freedom for women? More laughter in the streets?

I would like to see an end to the promotion of dichotomies by the mainstream media that attempts to label people into certain groups and therefore divide people and play them off against each other.

If we could get rid of the negativity from the mainstream media, we could make the world a much better and happier place.

Thanks for reading.

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