My Dream ~ Ecency Contest

The sound of footsteps echoed through the silent road as I walked down the path. The trees moved their branches as the wind swept through their leaves humming the sweet sound of home sweet home.

The atmosphere was so homey and a vibe which I could relate to. Its elegance stood out and everything seemed so dark and beautiful. I was on my way to the beach and when I got there, it was so peaceful as waves crashed against each other. The sand at the beach was so warm and slightly tickled my legs.


I finally sat down and began thinking of how far my life has come. Just like the waves, my life has finally come crashing down. I lost my job just seven hours ago and to add salt to injury, I came home to find my douchebag of a husband cheating on me.

"After three freaking children!"

I screamed into the empty air. The wind picked up and the sand started getting into my hair.

"The pancakes are ready mum"

The silent air replied to my rhetorical question.

"What?" I asked in confusion

"The pancakes are ready mum! Get up!"

And before I knew it, a cold splash jolted me awake and I realized I had been dreaming after all. I looked around and saw my first daughter, Anita, looking at me sheepishly with a cup in her hands and it took me some time to realize the teen actually had the guts to splash water on her mother's face.

She immediately rushed down the stairs giggling and I followed her threatening to ground her for her misbehavior.

The End

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