The best features of ecency

hello, did you all hear about the new ecency constest ?

You can earn eceny points and boosts.
The rules are the following ;
Make sure to include the hashtag #ecencychallenge.
Tag the profiles @melinda010100 or @xuwi in your post.
Link to this announcement by leaving your post link in a comment here.
No need to boost your post.
No more than one entry per day during the week of the challenge.
Please include the Ecency proposal link in your post:

Today, i wanted to talk about a feature only ecency have.
This is a really cool tool, it allow to do a lot of things like ;

Posting a wave or a (in green) or even a long form post (in red)

You can check your notifications and wallet, but the main cool thing is you can add different elements at the same time.

Personally in my decks there are the ecency waves, my following post feed and two wallets

This allow me to do everything in a few minutes.
Quick, easy to use, well working. Everything you need.

One of the most usefull decks you can add in my opinion is the feed one because it prevent your from missing any post from someone you follow.

But there are way more decks you can add
The topics decks can be really practical if you want to curate a specific tag.
Great for hive-engine token curation.

Anyway, thanks for reading and don't forget to use ecency.

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