Ecency multi-language can help hive adoption

Hey, i use the english ecency version but there is 13 avaible languages at the moment

This is really cool because to get a global adoption of hive, we need to make hive available to the biggest part of population. This can be cool even for the user who talk English but are more comfortable using there main language as language on

All these languages combined with the easy to use and understand ecency make it perfect for newbies. Plus the points that give a good incentive for the new users to stay on hive and get there first big upvote.

Ecency kind look like a traditional social media, in comparaison is really far from any social media. Ecency kinda look like Instagram.

Making a easy and good looking website is really needed to make hive main stream.

Did you all hear about the new ecency constest ?

You can earn eceny points and boosts.
The rules are the following ;
Make sure to include the hashtag #ecencychallenge.
Tag the profiles @melinda010100 or @xuwi in your post.
Link to this announcement by leaving your post link in a comment here.
No need to boost your post.
No more than one entry per day during the week of the challenge.
Please include the Ecency proposal link in your post:

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