This week's Ecency Leaderboard Champions

Congratulations to this week's Ecency Champions! Thanks for helping keep the World of Hive turning with your engagement.

The top 3 will each receive 3 HIVE each, 1 HSBI and 100 Engage tokens 🔥🔥

1. @jmis101

2. @djbravo

3. @tydynrain

All other awesome Top10 Engagers will receive 2 HIVE and 1 HSBI.🔥🔥

Congratulations to


🏆 Great activity!

The Leaderboard is constantly updating as everyone posts, comments, votes and is actively using Ecency. I will attempt to take a screen shot at roughly the same time each Monday.
Because Points earned reflect the quality of ranking, each prize winner must have earned a minimum of 125 points during the week.


Announcing Lucky Number prizes!

@brittandjosie will be sponsoring Lucky Number 48 (or the last number shown on the Leaderboard list) each week.
Congrats to @name0

@beeber is sponsoring Lucky Number 16
@intishar Congrats to you!

@stresskiller is sponsoring Lucky Number 25
Congrats to @les90

@fantagira is sponsoring Lucky Number 27
Congrats to @mnurhiver

Thanks to our Sponsors!

If you would like to sponsor a Lucky Number prize, just let me know the number that you want to sponsor. The choice of prizes/Points/tokens you award is up to you And please let me know if you would like to be removed from the sponsor list!

Are you on the Leaderboard?

If you are using the website the Leaderboard can be found under DISCOVER at the top of the page Click on 'Most Active' to switch views between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

To see where you placed this week on the Leaderboard if you are using the app @mypathtofire wrote this instructional post-

click to view instructions Discovering the Leaderboard

Where do you place on the Leaderboard? Can you raise your level by next week?

This is a great tool to use to gauge your accounts growth!

Writing and responding to Ecency Waves also earns POINTS and counts as Leaderboard Activity.

Please ask here or in Ecency Discord if you have questions!

*gifs by @irisworld

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