Thanks for Curating Together With Ecency!

In the Ecency Discord, near the end of each month, there is an opportunity to apply to join the hardworking Ecency curation team.

Volunteers can join the team to participate in curating boost requests. If you are interested join Ecency Discord so that you see the application when it becomes available each month.

  • Curating for Ecency is an important job. All curation rewards that are earned are paid out 100% to Ecency Delegators. If you delegate HP to Ecency you will receive your share of Hive curation rewards daily, along with 10% of your delegation amount in POINTS

Monthly Guest Curation Program

These Ecencians volunteered their time daily for a month in 2022 to curate alongside the team and their efforts are very much appreciated!

January-@samostically @infinitytcg

February - @luizeba @ziabutt3836

March-@suncooper @weone

April-@beeber @fsc69

June-@lofone @unklebonehead

July-@mypathtofire @underlock

August- @jane1289 @chaosmagic23

September- @susurrodmisterio @lofone

October- @luizeba @palomap3

November- @alokkumar121 @pravesh0

December- @reeta0119 @ydaiznfts

Many guest curators have volunteered to take on more permanent roles in helping the community grow. Thank you!

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