Leading with Generosity- for @denissemata

What a beautiful Wednesday. The flowers on my deck are looking lovely this morning and being out here as the sun is coming up and writing this post is a wonderful way to start the day!

The #EcencyDiscord topic this week is GENEROSITY.. It has been so much fun to see all the @dreemport Dreemers give away their POINTS this week to generously boost other people's posts! They are showing true Ecency kindness by giving whale sized votes to others. It has made doing Ecency curation this week a particularly joyful experience!

I am using @unklebonehead s tag #Leadingwithgenerosity and setting 100% of this posts rewards to my dear friend @denissemata
Denisse has been a kind, thoughtful and generous part of my life since we both joined here in 2017. We both became early Ecency users and I was in awe of her dedication to posting, even when she had a crappy cell phone and didn't have internet at home and had to take her phone and go sit in a neighbors garden with the mosquitoes to comment and vote!

Denisse knows how much I love flowers and since she lives on Isla Margarita in Venezuela she has colorful blossoms all year long and during my cold Wisconsin winters she sends me flower photos to brighten my days! And those photos from her gorgeous Caribbean beaches let me pretend that I can feel the sand between my toes and make a snowy winter day feel warmer.

I have watched Denisse use her blockchain earnings to buy food for her family and gereously save up to purchase an air-conditioner and more recently a new refrigerator. I know her mom appreciates all she does!

She is a great cook and a marvelous baker and she never forgets to bake me a birthday cake and create a post about it in August. It has become one of the traditions I look forward to as my birthday gets closer.

So @denissemata this post is for you and your lovely mother, along with love and hugs from me!

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