Lead with Generosity and Love

Excalibur Of Yuletide is the name my daughter chose when she decided recently to open an online store on Etsy

Excalibur Of Yuletide

She has been creating many things to stock her shelves. I believe her soy candles are my favorite.

The flowers she uses to decorate the candles come from her own backyard. These rose scented candles are decorated with roses from an antique rose bush that was originally growing in the garden of a 150 year old house. It escaped its own yard and was sending up shoots in my daughters yard and she dug one and transplanted it into the garden of her new home. It seems to really like its new location!

She isn't doing overseas shipping through Etsy, but if you message her directly she will work to arrange to get a package to you!

I hope I can convince her, @zythia13 ,to do some posts here about creating her products and stories about her delightful little store!

Because I have found that leading with generosity is such a beautiful way to have it come around to you in a genuine way later. - @dreemsteem

And following @dreemsteem and @unklebonehead 's inspiration for- Community Love and- Leading With Generosity... I am sending each of them some Ecency POINTS

100% of the awards from this post go to @zythia13
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