Ecency POINTS for the Engagement League 21-30


This week we are celebrating 21-30 rank spots on the Engagement League list. These Engagers will each receive 300 POINTS from @ecency! Thanks for being ENGAGED and being in the top 100!

@good-karma at @ecency has donated 3000
Points to @abh12345 for Engagement League rewards again this week.
This week these POINTS will be awarded to Engagers 21-30 and can be seen in your Ecency wallets and used in various ways.












Earn more POINTS by using ECENCY

You can earn more POINTS for posting, commenting, voting, and re-blogging!

To use your Points-

Go to your Ecency wallet on the app or the Points wallet on the website
Click on the small drop down arrow beside your points total and you will see a menu of places they can be used.
All Ecency posts are manually curated to receive boosts, and if yours doesn't receive a boost vote from a curator, your points will be returned to you.


You can use your POINTS to give tips to your favorite posts.

🔥By delegating to Ecency and helping onboard new users you earn 100% daily curation rewards according to delegation ratio. And for your delegation, along with the Hive you receive, you also receive Ecency POINTS. It's a really sweet deal!🔥


⭐To join the The Engagement League and see where the number of comments you have made during the week rank along side others, just go to the weekly post and ask to be included! It is simple and easy!

The Engagement League

You can buy more POINTS on the mobile app or at or earn them each time you use @ecency!

Remember to show your support for the contests and communities that you enjoy.

10% of this posts rewards will go to The Engagement League.


All comments written on my posts, and any posts in Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters,
Ladies of Hive, and Feel Good Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.Thanks to @taskmanager for encouraging Engagement within communities


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