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This topic is a difficult one for me. It probably is because I live in the woods, far from big city life.
But I love traveling and have visited several of the world's great cities.
Paris is definitely a favorite of mine. I have been there several times and love the museums and the art and architecture and especially the food!
Saint Petersburg is a fascinating city filled with so much history.
And Amsterdam is full of fun!
London with so many iconic sights.
Hong Kong
The world is full of such amazing places.

And here in the USA. I could go back to New York City over and over again and never get tired of all that the city has to offer. San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington DC. It is a big wide world filled with incredible places.

But my favorite is Chicago. it's my nearest big city.

I have lots of photos of its skyscrapers and lakeshore. But decided to share these photos because one of the things that makes Chicago enjoyable for me is how accessible public transportation is, and how easy it is to get around.

The Chicago Transit Authority provides busses and trains to take you around the city.

And there is even the option of taking a water taxi on the Chicago River.

And maybe Chicago gets my vote for favorite City because two of my favorite people in the whole world live there! My son and daughter-in-law know their way around easily and always show me a good time when I'm able to visit.

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