Joe Biden tells an average of one lie per minute in latest speech..


In Joe Biden’s latest speech he told a flurry of falsehoods at almost record pace.. and just the forest 20 minutes of his speech he was recorded telling roughly 21 lies. That’s almost one lie per minute in his speech and a significant majority of the statements he made were lies..

Out of his first 35 statements 20 of them were lies..

Without further Ado here is the list

Biden falsely claims that his first 100 days have “turned America around” despite inheriting a booming recovery from trumpp and having the worst coronavirus cases in history

Biden falsely claims that coronavirus is the “worst pandemic in a century” despite data not backing that up

Biden falsely claims that pelosis recession was the “worst since the great depression”. .

Ignoring the fact that multiple economic downturns had happened in the same time..

falsely claims that the January 6th mostly peaceful protest was the “worst attack on our democracy since the civil War”.

Biden and falsely claims that Americans were going back to work in his address.

That is false considering the very month he made that address they were millions more people filing for unemployment

Biden falsely claims that in his first 100 days he put out the “fire” of coronavirus

falsely claims that he provided 220 million coronavirus vaccine shots.

He fails to mention that over 35 million shots were delivered by the Trump Administration

This is also a misleading statement as he only delivered 220 million vaccines but people did not take 220 million vaccines. Only 140 million people got at least one shot and only 95 million were fully vaccinated at the time of his speech..

Biden claimed without evidence that 90% of Americans lived within 5 mi of the vaccination site

Biden falsely takes credit for the increase in vaccinations while not mentioning that he took office right as the vaccine roll out had begun.

Joe Biden did not have any part in the increase in vaccinations so much as he inherited the vaccine rollout that had started under Trump

falsely claims that people are smiling at schools because of people being vaccinated.

Ignoring that many schools stayed shut down and there is no evidence of this claim..

Biden falsely claims that he kept his promise to send $1,400 checks to Americans

This is a misleading and false claim as Joe Biden’s original promise was to send out $2,000 checks.

falsely claims that 800k Americans signed up for the affordable Care Act because of his special enrollment.

Many of those Americans would have signed up anyway what part of the yearly statistic

falsely takes credit for “creating 1.3 million new jobs in 100 days””

This is false and misleading as it fails to address the tens of thousands of jobs Joe Biden lost through his cancellation of projects such as the keystone Pipeline and his attacks on co-workers..

It also is misleading as 1.3 million jobs over the course of 3 months would be the worst monthly increase in jobs out of the entire previous 10 months..

During Donald Trump’s final months he had consecutive months each with over 1 million new jobs created.

At 1.3 million jobs over 3 months that is a drastic decrease in job creation from Donald Trump’s final six months in office

Biden falsely claims credit that the economy will increase at 6% for the year

also falsely claims that that would be the largest in decades..

Ignoring that it increased at a similar rate under Donald Trump’s final year in office and that the 6% number came from the beginning of the year. Before Joe Biden had even taken office

Biden makes misleading claim that he wants blades for wind turbines made in America rather than china.

Ignoring that as vice president under Obama he supported the trans-pacific partnership trade deal which would have seen countless more jobs outsourced to China..

Joe Biden falsely claims that he wants to pass $15 minimum wage. Despite past comments claiming the opposite..

Biden falsely claims that infrastructure was the reason for the Texas power outages.

The real reason was that dividing Administration refused Texas is request to increase their coal and nuclear plants production in preparation..

Biden falsely claims that his American rescue plan would cut child poverty in half.

According to PolitiFact if it happened it would only last for one year. Making that statement misleading

Biden falsely claims that America spends less than 1% of its GDP on research and development.. according to the World Bank it’s 2.2%

Biden made that last claim at the 21.98 minute mark in his speech

Roughly 20 lies in the first 22 minutes..

It is almost one lie per minute. And certainly a record number of lies in such a short time span for any president..

Biden had a history of playing fast and loose
with the truth
. And in general has continually proven to lie more than any president in history..

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